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  1. Good Day LM support, We are currently receiving alerts due to "no data" monitored on Disk datasource. Please do note that the concern is isolated on 1 server. As checked, all the disk were mounted and the snmp process is running. Please advise what other checks/procedure I can execute to troubleshoot this. Thanks, mac
  2. Just checked, it seems that our disk monitor configuration is not getting the NFS disks. Please consider this post as CLOSED. Again thanks for the support.
  3. Thanks Matthew. Is there a way I can verify if the rediscovery was successful? Have tried to run active discovery and I am prompted with the message below; Active discovery is scheduled!
  4. Good Day LM Folks, I'm a DBA setting up LM for our databases. Setup went well but i've noticed that newly mounted disk is not automatically added on the monitors. Do we need to restart the SNMP collectors? Thanks, mac
  5. Good Day Annie - Appreciate the prompt response. Seems like the feature we're looking for is on the enhancements you are currently working. Looking forward to see those alerting enhancements in the future. Thanks, mac
  6. Good Day LM community, I've encountered a challenge on managing alert notifications for CPU spikes on LM. I'm currently receiving several alerts for CPU spikes and will eventually clear up in less than a minute. Is there any way to configure CPU alerts to send notifications if 2 consecutive alerts were triggered on the same device? TIA. mac