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  1. Thanks. The script is successfully setting one-time upgrades for the collectors.
  2. What is the value that 'onetimeUpgradeInfo' should be set to? I tried setting it to '27003' (as an integer), and the call comes back as 'Invalid json body'. { "collectorGroupName": null, "description": "lsfregprd-Collector for vpc-0e4ddd0f271668f34", "onetimeUpgradeInfo": 27003, "enableFailBack": true, "suppressAlertClear": false, "escalatingChainId": 3, "backupAgentId": 0, "enableFailOverOnCollectorDevice": false, "collectorGroupId": null, "resendIval": 0 }
  3. I would like the REST API to support Scheduling a collector version update Applying a one-time collector version update Working with the Collector Custom Properties (recently added I think, but don't see anything in the online documentation about support in REST API).
  4. Having dynamic groups for Collectors would be great. I would like to have dynamic groups for Collectors that are down Collectors that have 0 devices Based on collector custom properties
  5. Was this implemented yet?
  6. When exporting a report to CSV, it is converting #'s and adding a "K" behind them, instead of providing the actual #. For example, 1708 is being turned into 1.71K. I would just like to have the actual # & not have it turned into a text value, rounded, and a "K" added to it (difficult to use in Excel).
  7. Is there a way (other than dredging through each device datasource via the API) to get a report on all the Alert Overrides that have been set on devices and device groups? Could that be extracted from the Audit Log w/o a lot of noise with it?
  8. Export to CSV and/or "Create Report" from the Alerts screen (with current filters that are applied) is being requested more & more from our user community.
  9. We're also running into the SSL cert expiring issue & would be beneficial to have a "Bottom 10" so we can see which ones are the more urgent to resolve.
  10. We are having issues with people disabling alerting on a device or device group but not adding a reason why it's being done. It is difficult to find these things in the audit log as well. I would like to be able to make adding an Ops Note a requirement when turning off (or on) Alerting. Now that the graphs add the tag, and if it's enforced, it would be then easy to see why metrics went away (and then came back).
  11. When building a report, I would like to be able to exclude things. There are scenarios for excluding... Exclude groups - We have a lot of device groups. It would be simpler to be able to exclude 1 or 2 groups instead of adding 2 dozen or more groups. Exclude devices that are in an SDT Exclude devices that have Alerting/Monitoring disabled - People are running reports and then asking me why some have "No Data"... that's usually because alerting has been disabled, but it's still in the report because the device matched the criteria. This is causing a lot of "run-around" to cr
  12. I also have scenarios where I would like to schedule a datasource to only run at a certain time of the day - maybe like Windows Task Scheduler. Example - Pulling disk defgrag reports overnight. With large volumes, this may take a while to execute. I'd really only want to execute it overnight - or maybe even once a week. I know I can set the ".pollinginterval", but I can't make it execute at a certain time. It's still a bit arbitrary on when it does the 1st check, which then determines the time for all future checks.
  13. Is ##EXTERNALTICKETID## available in the REST API in the payload for an Alert?
  14. I want to have a report that will give me all devices that are currently under an SDT, that will show the device name, SDT Start Date, SDT End Date, and the comments of the SDT>
  15. I would like the ability to "Lock" a Datasource, so that it's harder to be accidentally changed. Had an issue today where I changed the wrong Datasource - they were named very similarly. Having to go through one more process to "unlock" would be useful. Or - have a way to "version" a Datasource & be able to 'roll back' to a specific version if necessary.