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  1. @Ron - we have some "beta" Rubrik datasources that are available - I would suggest reaching out to your customer success manager and they can help facilitate adding those to your account. I'm not seeing anything for Cohesity but it looks like they have an SNMP agent available, so you could potentially tackle it that way. *Edit - I saw your other post, the beta datasources do use the Rubrik API (and not SNMP.)
  2. @Blake - apologies for the delay here - those modules were in flux for a little bit - now that we've published a set of new modules to the official repository, I've updated the Unifi dashboard to use the lastest / greatest: The download is available at Cheers, Kerry
  3. For anyone else who might be interested, you can now download this integration from the following location: Cheers, Kerry
  4. Hi @geekguy234, LogicMonitor is actually a software-as-a-service infrastructure performance monitor-ing company, but as such, we do have quite a few technical people with some potential recommendations. In general, the recommendations lean towards an IPS panel (for color accuracy,) and if budget allows, adaptive synchronization tech like FreeSync for gaming. You can often find good prices on Dell monitors in your stated range - for example, Amazon is offering a 24" Dell IPS Panel for about ~$210 right now... otherwise Reddit can be a good source of deals, if you keep an eye out. Also, we find The Wirecutter and Rtings generally have solid recommendations, if you're looking for some deeper analysis. Hope that helps! Best of luck in your search. Cheers, Kerry
  5. @Archana - that functionality is not currently available in the product. I will relay your request to our product team, and feel free to also reach out to your customer success manager to open a request. Best, Kerry
  6. @Archana - the widgets you mentioned (Big Number, Table) are generally intended to show current-moment-in-time metrics, so they need to pull from the "latest" datapoint. Sounds like you are requesting that they pull from the latest datapoint *within* the configured time period, is that a fair assessment? If you can provide more details about your use case we can probably advise further. Cheers, Kerry
  7. Hey @Richard Collisn - apologies for the delay! Due to popular demand, I'm actually in the middle of cleaning these up and checking for any new available data right now; I'll be sure to reach out as soon as I've done so. (Should be within the next week or two.) Cheers, Kerry
  8. Our Monitoring team released Cisco Firepower DataSources (+ PropertySource) to the core repository last night - check your portals for the download! Cheers, Kerry
  9. @Blake - not yet for the API, unfortunately. I've looked around but haven't been able to find anything yet; will be sure to update the repository if/ when that happens and make sure someone reaches out. I believe that they can also ingest LogicMonitor alert emails, but acknowledge that's less than ideal.
  10. In a little bit of a low profile announcement, we released the ability to import and export Custom HTTP integrations in LogicMonitor v.118! Using the collective available knowledge, I've sanitized and exported a handful of them as examples and/or starting points for anyone looking to utilize these solutions. See my 'LogicMonitor Integrations' Github repository to review and download the .JSON files for import to your LogicMonitor portal. Currently published integrations include: - Big Panda (Two Parts) - Freshdesk - Hipchat Server - Microsoft Teams - Neptune IO - OpsGenie - Status.IO - VictorOps - Zendesk
  11. @dharrison - they are available in the core repository (see my post above.)
  12. @mnagel - thanks for the catch - updated the published JSON, appreciate it!
  13. @Tanvir - I just published an example, as well - uses the latest versions of all the NetApp Cluster datasources.
  14. @Thangadurai - you might take a look at our External Alerting feature - it has the ability to send alerts from a collector to an external resource (like Splunk.) I don't know how selective you are trying to be, so this might be overkill, but take a look! Cheers, Kerry
  15. @Simon - I would reach out to our chat support for assistance on this.