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  1. Hi Yong, When this was originally designed, the assumption was that admin users would be expected to be those trusted with credentials, so seeing this in the request field would be expected. Users with view-only access to Website checks are not shown the request details when testing the step. That being said, it is something we will consider improving with a future release.
  2. A very useful feature of LogicMonitor is the support for glob expressions in fields throughout your portal. If you’ve spent a good amount of time customizing your alert rules or dashboard widgets, chances are you’re already familiar with the usefulness of character matching. If you aren’t accustomed to using glob or are curious as to what benefits it it can provide, please read on. What is glob? Simply put, glob is the name for a process of pattern matching. Its name is derived from the fact that it’s checking against a global list of object names. If you have a look at your device tr