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  1. Having spoken with John via chat session, and discovering the cause of reports generating with blank data, it was discovered that a user that was no longer with the company was the last person who had modified a report. The feature being requested is to simply allow reports to run and send out as they are scheduled, regardless of the user that put them in place. While simply touching the reports and saving them with a different user does allow it to function, does not fix the root cause. While the rest of LM datasources, dashboards, and graphs function regardless of creating user, the r
  2. I was also checking in on this particular functionality myself. The additional mouse click is a bit troublesome, especially since as Mosh indicated, in my case, the pop up panel is smaller than the widget we have. Incorporating the expand function within the alert widget itself could be convenient, however. In its current state, it's more trouble than useful. The graph access is neat, but not needed in my particular case, so it's extra work, to accomodate things that we don't need to have access to. (In some cases it would be nice, but not for my team the way we have it being utilized
  3. I had spoken with Christopher via live chat earlier this afternoon, inquiring about our legends becoming needlessly cluttered and hard-to-read despite having specified custom legends. This effect was apparently semi-recent, as a majority of our graphs (all advanced on dashboards for the most part) still have this clean labeling. However, upon having to add or modify a datapoint, and keeping these legends clean and easy-to-read resulted in the newly-updated graph reflecting all 3 globs ##datasource##, ##instance##, and ##hostname## Here is a graph that we have in one of our many dash