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  1. Joe Flowers

    Better slack integration?

    Sweet thanks!
  2. Joe Flowers

    Better slack integration?

    Hey there, has anybody got a smarter slack integration than what is provided natively? Really looking for some better formatted JSON and perhaps the ability to ack/sdt alerts from within slack.
  3. Joe Flowers

    Dependencies or Parent/Child Relationships

    Working beautifully now!
  4. Joe Flowers

    Dependencies or Parent/Child Relationships

    @Steve Francis thank you sir! Please do let us know when the update has been published.
  5. Joe Flowers

    Dependencies or Parent/Child Relationships

    Hmm... This doesn't seem to be working for me. It appears to be; up until the point an alert fires. I've set a group that has the depends_on property set. Then have placed all relevant devices into said group (same upstream device). Everything appears to be working as expected. I see all devices in the group have inherited the depends_on property. And when I look at the primary device, it has indeed got the is_primary_device = true property set. However, when I kick off a test alert for PingLossPercent on the primary device, none of the dependent devices are put into SDT. Upon investigation I found that the is_primary_device property was removed from the primary device. And, with the test alert still active, when I poll now from one of the dependent devices, I see it get recreated briefly but then disappear again. Once the alert clears, I am able to poll now from a dependent device and see the is_primary_device property get recreated. ???
  6. Joe Flowers

    Radius authentication monitoring?

    We are looking to get monitoring against our Cisco ACS/ISE instances to ensure radius authentication is working. Wanted to see if anyone has put anything together like this yet? For example, a check that uses a service account to auth against a specific ACS instance and returns a pass/fail/timeout/etc. that can be alerted on. Thanks!