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  1. Thanks Kerry, this is a good start. As stated I need to check datapoints from multiple servers and alert if, say, 2/3 had an issue. If I can pass the result on to more steps then this will work as a website check.
  2. Hi, I have a datasource that uses a regex to pull values out of some JSON and graphs numerous values. This runs on multiple hosts and the host goes critical if a particular value hits 0. I don't want the individual servers to go critical, I'd like a service/website check to go critical if two out of three sites return the zero value in their JSON response. I can write a datasource to check the JSON from each site but then I have to apply it to a host, or multiple hosts, and that defeats the point as I don't care if a single one goes away. Is it possible to create a w
  3. I know I can't change line colours if there is a glob used, in my current case, no globs are being used. I also can't change the colour of virtual datapoints on a custom graph widget when I can change all the standard ones
  4. Can someone explain logic for when I can and can't change line colours on the custom graph widget? Some I can change quite happily but on others the 'Color' drop down option is set to auto and greyed out. this is maddening when I have multiple lines, stick a virtual datapoint in for an SLA line and can't change the colours so they all match (for example).
  5. ...Additionally, why is the query (even the working one) giving "Statistics: [Average, Maximum, Minimum, SampleCount, Sum]" when I've specified Average/Sum? ...and how do I change the "Period: 60"? Specifying period manually for the datapoint isn't updating the query shown in Poll Now.
  6. Hi Sarah, Yes I've tried the Poll Now feature, It gives an HTTP status code of 200 with Error Code/Message both showing None. Both tried around 13:00 BST, request descriptions as follows: Not working (NaN) but returning HTTP200 and no errors: Metric Path: SBProxy>E2EMetric>Sum Req Desc: {Namespace: SBProxy,MetricName: E2EMetric,Dimensions: [],StartTime: Wed Sep 06 04:30:00 PDT 2017,EndTime: Wed Sep 06 05:00:00 PDT 2017,Period: 60,Statistics: [Average, Maximum, Minimum, SampleCount, Sum],} Working Metric Path: SBProxy>AutoScalingGroupName:##sbbroker_asg
  7. I'm also not getting any data back for metrics with a resolution anything other than 1 minute
  8. I've been creating datasources to collect our custom AWS Cloudwatch metrics as per the docs: - mainly this is fine... However it can't cope with dimensionless metrics: "Namespace>Dimensions>Metric>AggregationMethod, where Dimensions should be one or more key value pairs" I've tried creating datapoints without a dimension but it returns NAN (probably because LM requires "one or more key value pairs" for dimensions). We currently use a Python script to collect most our custo
  9. Sure... e.g. resourcePath = '/device/devices/73023/devicedatasources/1573061/instances/1928726/data' Two alternative queries: queryParams = '?datapoints=requests_queue_depth_priority_higher' queryParams = '?datapoints=requests_sent_to_team_last_day' Results - note the data is identical, also, "requests_queue_depth_priority_higher" should be a list of integers as per attached image: Response Status: 200 Response Body: { "status" : 200, "errmsg" : "OK", "data" : { "dataSourceName" : "[can't say sorry]", "dataPoints" : [ "requests_queue
  10. Hi Sarah, Thank you for getting this pushed through so quickly - the Datapoint Filter shows me a reduced set of data which is a good start...unfortunately, it doesn't matter which datapoint I filter on, I always get the same data back even though "dataPoints" : [ "my_data_point" ], shows correctly in the result. Should I raise this with LM support? Thanks, Tom.
  11. I've been trying to get data for individual datapoints within a single instance datasource via the REST API, in this case there are ~twenty datapoints and I only want data for one of them. Using get_data: I can pick out my datasource, however I can't find any information on filtering by datapoint. When I get data, the datapoints are all listed in an array, then the data is presented as an array of arrays for the last hour...I could get the position of the datapoint in the first array, then pick out the data using th
  12. How would one get on the beta for testing a network diagram feature? Also hoping for generic drawing area (blobs, lines, boxes, labels) for complex infrastructure systems flow!