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  1. When researching a historical issue, we often know the exact date of occurrence and want to see if appropriate alerts fired. It would be nice to have a date filter. Currently, we have to navigate through dozens of pages to get to the date range needed, if date was a filter we could add it would make navigation much easier.
  2. It would be nice to have an export button on any alert table. When we're doing research on an issue and we've finally narrowed the criteria to see the info we need, it helps to have an export button right there, rather than having to go to reports and reconfigure all the parameters to hopefully get the same data.
  3. We're looking for a feature to pause all monitoring on a device. I could have sworn this functionality used to exist, but neither I nor the LM support engineer could figure out how to do it. Basically, we're having some systems with intermittent CPU spikes. In order to eliminate the possibility of a rogue datasource, it would be nice to pause monitoring on the device, that way we could retain historical data, but know for sure that Logicmonitor is no longer querying the device and eliminate LogicMonitor as a suspect. Thanks!
  4. Hey, We would really like to see a way to route alerts based on Datasource group. Currently, the options are to route based on server or datasource. Server is much too broad as we have different people responsible for different things on a server (i.e. Windows, SQL, IIS) Datasource is much too granular as we have way to many datasources to keep up with individual rules. Datasrouce Groups seem like the happy medium as we can classify all SQL related datasrouces in a single group, and provide one rule for all of those datasources etc. etc. I've mentioned this at a m