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  1. The LogicModule is now available to me and I can happily report PortMulti- is working well.
  2. Message when attempting to add the Datasource 503 : This LogicModule is currently undergoing security review. It will be available for import only after our engineers have validated the scripted elements.
  3. Hi Troy, We have the Netscaler devices already configured and sending the metrics and sending to LM. What was the datapoint for charting concurrent sessions? Cheers, Tom.
  4. Greetings LM Community. I'd like to chart concurrent sessions on Citrix Netscaler devices. How is achieved? Cheers,
  5. Hi Kerry, Thank you for the easy to understand answer. Does adding of the monitored instance count as a license slot? Cheers, Tom.
  6. Greetings LM community. We would like to monitor arbitrary TCP ports. The result we would like to achieve is a simple service is listening or not result. Is this possible ? Cheers,