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  1. Has anyone created an EventSource that works using a Kibana filter? We'd really like to be able to point an EventSource at Kibana and say to LogicMonitor "tell us when errors occur for App X".
  2. AKCP DataSource locators: AKCP Airflow: 4MZTXG AKCP Dry Contact: ZFD72C AKCP Humidity: MYFX6L AKCP Switch: XD379J AKCP Temperature: 7RJDJH
  3. Code is TXL3W9 This DataSource provides instances for each of the Network adapters, including the following Instance Level Properties: auto.TcpWindowSize auto.MTU auto.MACAddress auto.IPSubnet auto.IPAddress auto.DNSHostName auto.DNSDomain auto.DefaultIPGateway auto.SettingID auto.Description
  4. YGLA37 This PropertySource provides the following as AutoProperties for Windows devices: auto.bios.serialNumber auto.bios.version auto.os.architecture auto.os.version auto.processor.name auto.processor.numberOfCores auto.processor.numberOfLogicalProcessors auto.processor.manufacturer auto.processor.caption auto.processor.addressWidth auto.processor.maxClockSpeed