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  1. David Bond

    AKCP DataSources

    AKCP DataSource locators: AKCP Airflow: 4MZTXG AKCP Dry Contact: ZFD72C AKCP Humidity: MYFX6L AKCP Switch: XD379J AKCP Temperature: 7RJDJH
  2. Code is TXL3W9 This DataSource provides instances for each of the Network adapters, including the following Instance Level Properties: auto.TcpWindowSize auto.MTU auto.MACAddress auto.IPSubnet auto.IPAddress auto.DNSHostName auto.DNSDomain auto.DefaultIPGateway auto.SettingID auto.Description
  3. David Bond

    Windows Basics PropertySource

    YGLA37 This PropertySource provides the following as AutoProperties for Windows devices: auto.bios.serialNumber auto.bios.version auto.os.architecture auto.os.version auto.processor.name auto.processor.numberOfCores auto.processor.numberOfLogicalProcessors auto.processor.manufacturer auto.processor.caption auto.processor.addressWidth auto.processor.maxClockSpeed
  4. It would be good to be able to set AlertRules based on DataSourceInstanceGroups and DataSourceInstanceProperties
  5. David Bond

    IPv6 Support for Services

    Services should support IPv6. Currently, they do not.
  6. David Bond

    Managing Alert visibility on a "per-group" level

    As well as filtering based on DataSourceInstanceGroups, it would be good to be able to filter based on DataSourceInstanceProperties. The same is true for alert rules, it would be good to be able to set an AlertRule based on both DataSourceInstanceGroup and DataSourceInstanceProperty.
  7. David Bond

    Redis- DataSource - Occasionally 'No Data'

    Nice fix Richard. This one should be updated in the LogicMonitor repository, really.
  8. David Bond

    Services on the Map Widget

    It would be good to be able to combine device and service alert status on the same Google Map Widget. Use case: Offices are distributed around Europe, and a large number of retail stores (100+) are also being monitored using ICMP Services. By having both on the same map, it is possible to visualise the entire European operations.