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  1. For the reasons stated by Stuart we can't at present offer access to LogicMonitor to our DevOps teams, too high a risk they could break monitoring for things beyond their area of responsibility.
  2. Please, please, please make the default target for URL links in the text widget be _PARENT. I can't think of any reason for the default not to be _PARENT. As it is, it looks like links are broken because the default does nothing.
  3. Please apply a mono space font to the Query field when the data source is using JDBC. This would hugely improve readability and editing of the SQL.
  4. I need this too. I'd like my operators to be able to create new objects, or edit existing, but not delete.
  5. At the moment the Show Boundaries option on a graph widget turns on or off the boundaries for all graphs on a dashboard. We would like to configure per widget so that only those graphs where the boundaries make sense are visible.
  6. @Sarah Terry We do it manually (dependant on external info). The not counting toward unique IP would be fine. Thanks!
  7. Mosh

    Log Files

    I've had to do the same as Matt has suggested. In my case it's limited to a handful of drives, so I the script doesn't have many tests to perform.
  8. Hi @Forrest Evans - LM Thanks! Much appreciated.
  9. HI @Sarah Terry We're implementing a software network WAN which means we're doing a lot of deletes and re-IPing other existing devices. If a deleted device exists with the new IP being assigned to another existing device it doesn't let us assign the IP. We need to perm delete first. Unless I'm missing a trick?
  10. Please add an option that would enable users to toggle if deletes are final or go into the deleted devices group. We like all deletes to be final as we do lots of deletes and add, the extra step of removing from deleted devices means additional mouse clicks.
  11. Please make it possible to have devices with the same name. We have devices that have the same name but are deployed in different data centres and with different IP addresses. At the very least it should be possible to have duplicate device names if the devices are in different device group paths. Based on how LM works currently, we are forced to add suffixes to device names which then doesn't match what we have in our CMDB.
  12. Could be done now using the Expect library (as is used by Config modules). I would still like SNMP as well, not to replace it. As we have black box Linux appliances too.
  13. Currently the Value field of an alert shows the EVENTID, which is a number and not very useful. Please add option to instead show SOURCENAME. Even better would be if we could specify our own message in the EventSource to be used instead.
  14. Hi, We want users with view only rights to see devices and raw data view, but not have access to the Debug feature. This is quite urgent for us. @Ali Holmes @Sarah Terry
  15. Please hide the Debug button from users who do not have device Manage rights.
  16. Good suggestion. It would be useful if the NOC or table widget could be used to show items with alerting enabled/disabled.
  17. Would not be confusing at all. For example, we use ServiceNow which presents in local time. So an operations analyst looking at a ticket would know from the ticket time where to look at a graph in their local time. At the moment it's much more confusing.
  18. The other feature I would like to have (again would help with GDPR etc.) is to be able to configure the number of inactive days after which a user's account is automatically deactivated, and an automatic email out is sent to the user.
  19. Currently if I wanted to send some comms to all of my LM users, I have to gather all of their emails and do it from my own email client. It would be really useful to have a feature where I can message all my LM users from within LM. As part of our GDPR efforts we need to review each user's data and periodically remind them that they still have an account. It would also help with access governance.
  20. Please make it possible to update/apply the same alert notes to multiple alerts in a single operations. This is possible when alerts are new and unacknowledged. But I cannot see how it is possible once the alerts have been acknowledged.
  21. Seconded! Current system deters me from upgrading logic modules, unless I desperately need to. For me, it's the alert message customizations that we lose. A better way, I think, would be to separate alert message customizations from the logic module, and instead have a method of associating custom alert messages dynamically with logic modules.