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  1. If a complex datapoint could inject this info into the alert template, now that'd be awesome
  2. Please add the option to alert on "no data" condition to the instance level Alert Tuning configuration dialog. We don't want to generate "no data" alerts for everything and we don't want to split the data sources (extra maintenance when updating), so it would be easier to have this as a instance level override.
  3. Yes, it would be good to be able to create and manage a library of standard reusable SDT definitions in Settings, rather like AppliesTo functions, and have the option to adhoc apply a standard SDT from the library, overriding any instance or group level SDTs.
  4. Please add an option to hide the Recently Deleted view from user with less than manage rights.
  5. You could use the REST API method /device/groups/{{groupID}}/datasources. Though, this won't include the data points, for that you'd then need to make another call for each data source (/device/groups/{{groupID}}/datasources/{{datasourceID}}/alertsettings}.
  6. Not to worry @Sarah Terry I was most impressed with how quickly a hotfix was applied, fixed while I was on the chat with support! Thanks.
  7. Hot fix was applied and it is now working again. Awesome response from support and devs. @Sarah Terry @Ali Holmes for info ticket reference was 108238.
  8. Priot to ersion 106 the Get Widget Data REST API worked using the following call: /dashboard/widgets/680/data?size=1000&fields=severity,acked,ackedEpoch,startEpoch,monitorObjectGroups&filter=type:alert It not longer works, we get an empty array back. Has anyone else seen this, or can LM confirm please. We are talking to support too. @Sarah Terry @Ali Holmes
  9. Yes, by setting the 24 hours as the default time range for a widget.
  10. Hi @Jake Cohen I can't see the SSH Linux_FIlesystem_Usage datasource in the repository?
  11. This is minor but would make us more productive. Please make the Alert Rule name in the Alert Rule column of the Alert widget into a hyperlink to the actual alert rule definition. When we have lots of alert rules (unavoidable because of the way alert rules work), then this would make going from alert to the alert rule simpler and quicker than navigating to Settings, then searching for the rule. It would be one click instead of several clicks and keystrokes.
  12. Agree. It would be great if we could apply our own CSS styles to widgets.
  13. I've submitted a feature request in the past with a suggestion to have he ability to tag LogicModules data points, and then be able use the tags in alert rules. That way there's be no need to plan out a naming convention for LogicModules or use complicated regular expressions. Instead alert rule would apply to any data point form any module with the matching tags. For example, we could then have a "database" alert rule for any data point with tag "database" regardless of LogicModule.
  14. Please add options to allow more control over the information included in the alert. We would like to have option to not show the pattern, severity or timestamp info in the alert. We just want to see the lineno, message and path. It would be good to have checkboxes to control which of these items is added to an alert.
  15. The properties UI doesn't lend itself well to editing and maintaining multi-line text. Yes, the ability to control when a token interpolated would be good too; even if it was a simple regex based method to start with.
  16. I agree, this would be a good feature to have.
  17. Another way could be for LogicMonitor to add a simple database of key/value pairs that customers can maintain via the UI and automatically via exernal process using the REST API. The keys in should be usable as tokens for alerts.
  18. Please add a token for alert notes so that we can include an alert's notes in the email notification when an alert clears.
  19. There seems to be no way to apply the same alert note on multiple alerts using the UI. For example, if multiple interfaces are down for a device, we want to be able to set the same alert note in one go. It's only possible to do so at the moment if the alerts are not ack'ed, but we need to be able to update the notes at a later stage even after they have been ack'ed.
  20. The Monaco Editor powers VS Code, would be awesome if all the script fields could use this.