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  1. Please ad an option in Alert widget config to make the Value column sortable. I realise that the value column can be a mix of numbers and text when the alerts could come from DataSources and EventSources, however, we have cases where we know the values will always be numbers and would like to sort them, and toggle sorting between ascending and descending. Use case, alerts for days since last patched, where our users would like to sort the value from high to low.
  2. DataSource scripts are meant to execute quickly, so just be careful that you're "task" logic is not doing too much work. May be better if the task logic is in another script that the DataSource script launched, and then the DataSource script ends.
  3. Cool. We do a similar thing for alert volumes in each of our regions, the types of alerts (based on data points) and the alert acknowledgements by operator.
  4. We're a Google house, so we're used to Chrome toasts and notifications. As a test I setup a Google Chat room and used LogicMonitor's HTTP integration to post into the chat room. These come up as standard Google notifications, works well.
  5. Ideally if we could set our own message that would be awesome. That way if we want it to appear as though it cleared, we can still do that.
  6. Would be nice to be able to configure filters using the same approach as Applies To.
  7. We use the Debug Console a lot, and usually to debug an issue on a particular device, which means more often than not, we access the Debug Console from the device in question's Raw Data view. We would like for there to be a token (##THIS## or ##DEVICE##) that could be used with Debug Console commands. So if we were to issue the command !ping ##THIS##, the console would automatically interpolate ##THIS## with the IP address of the device on which we opened the Debug Console. It's a small productivity gain, but when you're doing this a lot it makes a big difference.
  8. We have the same problem, and our workaround has been to develop our own dashboard (using the REST APIs) and implement alert de-duplication in our own presentation layer. I think every LogicMonitor customer, if asked, would want this. It's a feature in most enterprise grade monitoring solutions. I would like to be able to configure regular expressions for alert de-duplication rules. These could be configured in Settings and applied to devices using the same Applies To approach as for data, event and config sources. In the de-dupe rule ti should be possible to define the single new alert that will replace the de-duplicated alerts.
  9. Hi @Jnana Could you expand on your requirement please. Where are you adding the data points? You may want to ask the question in also. This section is more for feature requests.
  10. Yes, I too would like to have this as we have to deploy custom JARs.
  11. When the NOC widget has more items than can be displayed we get a horizontal scroll bar. I don't how others feel about this, but I find it annoying as I can't use the mouse wheel to scroll through the widget's contents. Please add an option in the widget config to choose between vertical overflow and horizontal overflow.
  12. Thanks @Michael Fisher I had another suggestion also for the Debug Console here:
  13. It would be good to have more than four, alas there is no way to go beyond 4 at present. Best to log this as an enhancement under Feature Requests. You can, of course, have more than one Big Number widget on a page, but it's more maintenance if you find you need to move metrics around.
  14. If you want to pull the data at set intervals then use a script and the REST API to extract the data. If you want data pushed when something happens, like when an alert occurs, then use an integration. The HTTP integration is very useful for pushing data to other systems that have webhooks to receive data. If you want historial data, graph data for example, then you'll need to pull that using the REST API, because there's no way (that I know of) to push that using an integration.
  15. Thanks @mnagel Tested from Postman and works for me too.
  16. Add a couple of buttons to increase and decrease the font-size attribute value for the CSS selector #debug-result. An option to control the letter-spacing CSS attribute on the same selector would be good too. On high resolution (4K) screens it's difficult to read at default font-size: 13px. Yes, we can zoom the browser, but that also zooms other pages on the same domain.
  17. Forgot to include the headers I was referring to: Accept: application/json, text/javascript, */*; q=0.01 Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.9 Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br Accept-Charset: utf-8, iso-8859-1;q=0.5
  18. Hmm. I've tried setting the Accept* header values to try to appease the 406, but still not working for me either.
  19. Agreed. Would be especially powerful if it could be done at group level too, i.e. n% of devices has high CPU/memory, then alert.
  20. In the real world, in every organisation that I've worked in, there has been a requirement to retrospectively adjust SLAs as sometimes root cause analysis can take weeks or months in complex environments. Rather than tweak SDT, could we have another type of entry that we could apply in a very similar fashion, and would be taken into account by the SLA algorithm in the same way it takes SDTs into account?
  21. @Antony Hawkins Thanks. LOL - I thought that was a screen cap, didn't realise it was a thread