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  1. Previously I could search using "uk-wok*fw", now this returns no results. @Sarah Terry
  2. Please add option to hide the Disabled Datasources object in the Resources tree from users who do not have Manage or higher privileges.
  3. Please make the "go here" link in the "For more detailed troubleshooting recommendations, go here." message open in a new tab/window. If you accidentally click this it open in same window and we lose our command history! Add the debug help that appears on entering a debug console to the regular help content (if it's there I didn't find it) so that we can open the help panel and have the commands easily accessible from the Support Guide panel. The HTML version should be easier to read too. Finally, please add some blank lines between the built-in commands help to make it easier to read the green on black screen. HTML version in the Support Guide panel though, that's the way to go.
  4. What I'd like is something similar to how scripting is supported in web service checks. Particularly for HTTP integration. If the script option is selected, then you get a template script and the script context has access to an "alert" object which has all the alert info you would expect from an alert object (i.e. same as the alert returned by the API). As with web service checks scripting, the return value of the script would be the HTTP request payload passed to the integration, which is what I'd want to programmatically define in the script (JSON, XML, whatever).
  5. We waste a lot of productive time trying to figure out GLOB expressions, or supporting our non-programmer users with GLOB expressions. It would be super awesome if you could simply give us something based on the device tree navigator control from the Role definition editor view, so users can use that to select resource groups to include in a report. We prefer to give our users self service abilities, but GLOBs mean users have to come to engineering when they need to filter information from a report.
  6. Some columns in the Alert widget are sortable, by clicking the column heading. But, once you click the column heading, the column becomes sorted, toggling between ascending and descending with each click. There is no way to go back to the original unsorted state. Please add a third state, which is the unsorted order of the alert widget (which by default if I'm not mistaken is by alert timestamp).
  7. Doh! Why didn't I think of that. Thanks @Mike Moniz
  8. I have the numeric ID of a widget (used by a REST API call from an external app) but I can't seem to find it on any dashboards. Is there a way I can locate which dashboard the widget is on?
  9. Hi @fintanquinn What metrics/events are you interested in monitoring for vSAN?
  10. Thanks for your reply @Mike Moniz. Yes, this has been my finding too, that only the first alert is returned. I gave up after a while and resorted to looping through and making separately calls for each alert (can't pull all alerts as am only interested in alerts for a particular widget). Annoyingly using get widget data call doesn't support the alert message detail option either, or there would be no need for the second calls to get alert details. @Sarah Terry - for info.
  11. Please make it possible to specify a static DataPoint text in an EventSource definition. We use DataPoint labels with our process automation tools to route alerts. The below is not useful (and also looks kinda ugly in the alert widget display).
  12. I'd like to bring this one up again. It's one of the most requested features by all 168 of my users. They find it very frustrating the the alert table doesn't have a copy to clipboard or export to CSV option. Why you may ask? Because people need to share information in bulk with different teams via emails and instant messages and tickets. It's much more convenient than having to configure an adhoc report if people can self serve export the data that is right in front of them. Incidentally, if right click operations on alerts in the alert widget are being considered, then this should be one of those operations. User should be able to select the alerts they want to copy to clipboard or export to CSV, then right click to do so.
  13. Hi, I need to retrieve alerts by a list of alert IDs. I thought maybe the includes ~ operator in the filter would be the way to do this, passing a comma separated list of alert IDs: /alert/alerts?needMessage=true&filter=internalId~LMD2316102,LMD1785737 But this only returns the first alert. Am I using the ~ operator correctly?
  14. Please add an option to disable the "reply commands" footer section in notification emails. We want our users to follow our organisational process and procedure. You may reply to this alert with these commands:- ACK (comment) - acknowledge alert- NEXT - escalate to next contact- SDT X - schedule downtime for this alert on this host for X hours.- SDT datasource X - SDT for all instances of the datasource on this host for X hours- SDT host X - SDT for entire host for X hours
  15. Mosh

    Meraki Webhooks

    I have asked for this too in the past. It would be really useful if each LogicMonitor account has a webhook to which third party services could POST events to be turned into alerts.
  16. Awesome. Good to hear @Forrest Evans - LM
  17. Rather than have Websites as separate section in the product with a separate hierarchy to manage; how about making all of the Websites stuff part of the Device Tree and rename the Devices section to something that covers both. Then if I want to add a website or service check I simply do it against the "group". This way I wouldn't have to maintain two hierarchies of business services. What do other folks think of this?
  18. Would be nice to have a form in the Alert Rules section where we can do tests.
  19. Agreed, having at the role level works for me too!
  20. Please add the ability to set a dashboard as the global default for all users so that when any user clicks the "Dash" menu option, they are taken to the default dashboard that the administrator sets. We have a dashboard that we use as the landing page with HTML widgets, it acts as an index to other dashboards. We want all users to be taken to this landing dashboard when they click the Dash menu option. Thanks.
  21. We would like to be able to set a custom message for the Big Number widget when there is no data rather than the "Empty Data" message. It would be good if we could also choose to add our own SVG to replace the icon, as a nice to have.
  22. Hi @Mike Suding I have found that sometimes it is possible to get a false $DayDiff when going by the most recently installed update. I found an example on a server where an older roll-up was installed recently and the returned date was way in the past. So, I'm using the following method, which so far has been returning the expected results: $LAST_UPDATE_KEY_PATH = "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WindowsUpdate\Auto Update\Results\Detect" If (Test-Path -Path $LAST_UPDATE_KEY_PATH) { $lastSuccessTime = [datetime](Get-ItemProperty -Path $LAST_UPDATE_KEY_PATH -name "LastSuccessTime").LastSuccessTime $DayDiff = $(New-TimeSpan -start $lastSuccessTime).Days } else { $DayDiff = -1 }
  23. I've used CSV in the past to do initial uploads and it always did the active discovery. As Chris suggests, try some manual active discovery and datasource force match.
  24. Hi @Dan_Wood Are you using the Wizard mode to add them, or the Expert mode? Expert mode would bypass the test. Note, however, without some other type of poll to generate some data, LogicMonitor's Host Status monitoring will generate an alert if no data is received for the device.