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  1. We want to clone some of the standard SNMP data collection templates, but we want to use a different port for the SNMP requests. We cannot use the SNMP.Port property because standard SNMP data sources need to work using port 161. We want to be able to set the port at script level so that we can use the standard SNMP data sources on port 161 and our own custom SNMP data sources on another port. For example, we are trying to develop a Squid Proxy data srouce and Squid Proxy provides data via SNMP on port 3401.
  2. It would be good to have it for the v1 REST API.
  3. Add endpoints to the REST API to manage Recipient Groups. It should be possible to make a single API call to remove all members of a recipient group, add a single member, add arbitrary email CCs, delete a single member, get a list of all members, get a list of arbitrary emails. (If it's already present then it needs to be documented so customers don't need to reverse engineer it from the UI which may not be a supported approach.)
  4. This is on my wishlist too as all the necessary infrastructure appears to be already in the Collector agent. I would see it as an extension to the options available for Alert Rules.
  5. Yes, please make it possible to remove the LM prefix. On a smarphone it takes up valuable space in the email subject lines.
  6. Rather than have to rename lots of custom properties, I would like to have a feature where the custom property column in the Alert widget can be assigned a display label. So, the custom property remains the same but the display label in the widget can be different.
  7. I want an option to delete all device from a group. Currently the only way I can see is to delete the device group and re-create the device group but this means having to re-configure the custom properties etc.
  8. I have also requested a feature to make the LM event ID an optional on alert messages. Most of our staff use smartphones and they want to use the subject line for FQDNs and other info. They don't care about seeing the evetn ID.
  9. My organization would like this too. A graph with the last hour of data related to the datasource instance in the email alert body.
  10. When receiving alert notifications by emails, our engineers and support staff prefer to have concise and "at a glance" email subjects. The event ID prefix takes up quite a few characters which means on smartphones the actual subject text we add has less visibility. We would like to see an option added to the UI to enable/disable the LM event ID prefix on alert messages.
  11. There does not appear to be any method to test the New User email template without having to create a new user. This is very time consuming when you're trying to perfect the email template. Please add a "Send test email" function, with the option to input the test email address at the point of testing, for testing the template. The template never looks quite the same as it does in the LM UI as when it is sent as an email, so this is another reason for needing to be able to test the template by sending an actual email. More so when you're tweaking the custom HTML source to add corporate logo etc.