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  1. I agree. Rather than admins having to keep track of collector assignments, the system should use an algorithm to balance assignments across a group of collectors, based on type of device being monitored (WMI/SNMP), and datasources and instances.
  2. Please make it so that web service checkpoints can be configured on the web service group, and are then inherited by all the web service checks in the group. This would mean much lower effort to update web service checks - only one object to be updated rather than tens or hundreds.
  3. I like the idea of marking a Logic Module as "never to be updated" so that we can avoid accidental updates.
  4. We have more than one version of the same datasource, to be able to support the needs of different teams, and we need to keep the Display As the same for these datasource. In the Alert Tuning view at device group level, it's difficult to tell which datasource is which. Please add the DataSource description to the Alert Tuning table at device group level.
  5. Please add the ability to select first, second, third, fourth weekend or day of month. So, for example, we need to be able configure: o Third weekend of the month, 0200 to 0400 - meaning both the third Saturday and Sunday of the month o Second Tuesday of the month, 0400 to 0600 And so on. At the moment we would have to manually add multiple entries and keep updating.
  6. Please make it so that after adding a device using the Add Device (Expert) option, the focus remain on the group object, and does not switch to the device just added. Perhaps this can be a configurable option per user, or globally if not per user? We often have to add devices in small batches manually and it would be faster if the focus remained on the group object.
  7. Please add more options for the web service check intervals. We have some security checks that we want to perform which do not require to be done every ten minutes, but are more appropriate to be performed just two or three times a day.
  8. Agree. We have quite complicated rules as we have many different paths for alert escalations, different groups are responsible for different things on a host, some have out of hours, some don't, etc. It's a pain having to open two tabs and flick back and forth when a clone function would save time and help reduce errors. Personally I would be happy for the alert rules order in the UI to be the order in which they are actually processed and let the system manage the order. I'd like to be able to simply drag and re-order in the UI. The ability to test a rule from within the rule definition would also be useful.
  9. Mosh

    NetApp CPU

    Collects the cpuBusyTimePercent and cpuIdleTimePercent metrics. GRYRJR - NetApp CPU Stats
  10. The web services graphs do not offer any styling options. It's very hard to see the thin lines on the graph from a distance, and there is no option to change the graph from lines to area style. So our next thought was to use the Big NUmber widget to present the response time for a web service check, with the thinking being that the big number can be easily read from a distance. Alas, the big number widget does not seem to allow selection of services, only devices? Are there any workarounds to this? As we move more of our services to the cloud we need the same presentation flexibility as we have for device metrics. @Sarah Terry
  11. Answered. I've had a response back from developers that this is working as designed because LogicMonitor is not intended to be used as a logging output collector. Our workaround is to define specific regular expressions for the log messages for which we want to generate alerts.
  12. Please improve the algorithm that determines if the labels should wrap or not. In the attached image, there is plenty of space available for Philadelphia to not be wrapped.
  13. Please make it so that the device tree search function also searches the system.sysname property of a device.
  14. At the moment the ##GROUP## token appears as below in emails. This is very difficult to read as the comma indicating a separate group is hard to spot. Can you please split the ##GROUP## token on the comma and put each one on a new line. Infrastructure Services/Primary/Americas/Network Services/Network Services - Corporate - US/Routers/CenturyLink, Infrastructure Services/Primary/Americas/Network Services/Network Services - Corporate - US/# Locations/Orlando
  15. For Chrome, we've found this extension very useful to enable a dark look:
  16. Currently the hyperlink in an alert notification email requires that users have permission to view the all Alerts view. We don't want users to have access to this view. Please make it so that the notification hyperlink to ack an alert works without the need for this permission.
  17. You'll need to be familiar with modems and AT commands, and have some programming abilities. You could then connect a modem to a computer/server, and write some code to send AT commands to the modem so that the modem dials your IVR system.
  18. Hello community, I have a logfile monitoring eventsource and the event source has one trigger defined to match on the string "Issue". The logfile is updated with errors routinely. I want to alert on any line with the string "Issue" in it. Here are the sample lines from the log file: 2018-02-27T16:34:02.195414+00:00 wklxpsynrts01 Batch Job Check: Issue: Executed from impurgeBatch, Process is stuck. On the server: wklxpsynrts01 for country: uk at: 2018-02-16 10:56:57 2018-02-27T16:35:02.031109+00:00 wklxpsynrts01 Batch Job Check: Issue: Executed from pnolBatch, Process is stuck or not running. On the server: wklxpsynrts01 for country: uk at: 2018-02-16 10:56:57 2018-02-27T16:36:02.246570+00:00 wklxpsynrts01 Batch Job Check: Issue: Executed from exportBatch, Process is stuck or not running. On the server: wklxpsynrts01 for country: uk at: 2018-02-16 10:56:57 2018-02-27T16:37:02.035509+00:00 wklxpsynrts01 Batch Job Check: Issue: Executed from importBatch, Import failed. On the server: wklxpsynrts01 for country: uk at: 2018-02-16 10:56:57 I would expect this to generate four alerts, one alert for each line that matched the trigger expression, but it seems to stop after the first match. This looks like a bug to me, can anyone from LM confirm please?
  19. This might be an old fashioned approach, how about using a modem to call the IVR using good old AT commands?
  20. Hi @Ali Holmes My priority is item 1 on your list. We can live with administration, configuration and time stamps in alert messages being in UTC, but having local times in the presentation layer would address most of the complaints I receive from my users.
  21. HI @Annie Dunham Any update on the Google Cloud Platform Stackdriver integration please? We really need this now, and I want to avoid having two panes of glass (LogicMonitor and Stackdriver) where we currently have a single pane of glass (LogicMonitor).
  22. Please make it so that the Alert Tuning tab is not visible unless the user has manage device rights.
  23. Please add option to remap syslog severities to the LM severity values. At present syslog error level is red in LM and in many cases these are not critical errors from a service point of view, so we would like to remap them down to amber.