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  1. Mosh

    Password exposed by error message

    Thanks for the update @Michael Rodrigues.
  2. @Sarah Terry Please address urgently. These new verbose error dialogs expose the WMI password. Ideally I'd like a Settings options to disable such verbose error messages, or restrict them by role. (Also can these dialogs be more responsive, no a 1920x1080 screen these appear as narrow panels in the middle.)
  3. We have Applies To expressions in our Data Sources that look for a matching property defined on a resource. However, we just noticed that if we change the property name, update the DataSource's Applies To to match, it results in new Data Source objects on the resource. If the names of the Data Source objects have not changed, and the name of the Data Source has not changed either, only the Applies To function has changed, then new DS objects should not be created.
  4. Mosh

    Collector Debug Console

    Thank you for re-formatting the green screen help and adding the line spacing, so much easier to read now!
  5. Thanks @Michael Rodrigues
  6. Today we were upgraded to collector version 27.005 and our MySQL monitoring is now broken. I tried to downgrade to 27.000 but the downgrade does not appear to be actioned, even though I can choose the option in Settings > Collectors. Can we please have our MySQL 5 monitoring back, or can you suggest what we need to do. Thanks. Unknown system variable 'system_time_zone' Query is : SELECT @@max_allowed_packet , @@system_time_zone, @@time_zone, @@sql_mode @Ali Holmes @Sarah Terry
  7. Please add the ability to copy a Device View from one device to another. Yes, there is the Resource Dashboard, however, this has a different look and feel. Our users like that the Device Dashboard doesn't require then to perform extra mouse click operations to see everything. The Device Dashboards are also more screen real-estate efficient. (Also, please make it possible to remove/hide the uptime widget from Device View. It's of no use to us.)
  8. An option to set "acknowledged timeout" perhaps? For example, if an alert if acknowledged for longer than X minutes/days/ weeks then unacknowledge it.
  9. Mosh

    ServiceNow Runbooks

    Hi @Samuel Morgan You would need to implement a workflow in your ServiceNow that is triggered by incidents created by the LogicMonitor integration (for example, if your LogicMonitor incidents are created by a special user account for the LM integration), and then in the workflow attach a runbook to the incident.
  10. Hi, this might be useful. There is an example of a multipart/form-data POST:
  11. Mosh

    Remote Session File Transfer

    Hi @SPereira Can you expand please, what is the host and the client you are referring to?
  12. Please add a tooltip to the NOC widget blocks to show the full caption when the label of the resource, website, group label if truncated when it is too long for it, and ellipsis is shown.
  13. We would also like to have this option for EventSource alerts. Our use case, we have an application that logs to the Windows Event Log. There are some events for which we are not concerned if the event occurs once or twice within an hour, but if the event were to occur 20 times in an hour, then we would want an alert (and only one alert).
  14. Disappointed that this is a paid for add-on feature, it should be core to the product.