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  1. Custom Alerts for ConfigSources

    Seconded! ConfigSources could be a really powerful tool, but the only reason I'm not using it much is because I can't customize the alert notification content. Context is everything in monitoring.
  2. Time Zone setting at the User level

    Hi @Annie Dunham, I'm not convinced LogicMonitor understands just how big of a pain point this is for large global enterprise customers.
  3. Time Zone setting at the User level

    To make matters worse, today I noticed that Windows event log event timestamps are sometimes out by an hour from GMT. "This is actually being worked on now. Design is done, and its going to Dev in the next sprint - so barring issues should be available in the near term." @Steve Francis That was in 2015, surely there is some progress?
  4. @Sarah Terry @Steve E Yep, it was URL encoding for me in the case of PHP. Weirdly though ASP.NET wasn't working but it now even though I haven't modified the code to URL encode.
  5. @Sarah Terry If I make a REST call to /device/devices?filter=updatedOn>1504905976 I still get HTTP response code 400. Sarah, can you share the test REST URI you are using that is working for you?
  6. Please add a test function for JDBC active discovery and colelction, just as you have done for scriped DataSources.
  7. At the moment ##GROUP## is comma separated post interpolation in email notifications. Can you please place each group name on a new line as this is easier to read.
  8. UTC Timezone - No Country labeling

    Better yet, can we please expedite support for timezones.
  9. Time zone based on group of devices.

    @Sarah Terry Hi Sarah, any update on this please?
  10. We think there needs to be another level of privileges between Acknowledge and Manage. We would like to be able to give our operators the ability to toggle the Alerting On/Off slider option without giving them Manage rights. Also, we'd like to give them the ability to perform Poll Now without giving them Manage rights.
  11. Please make it possible for users with Manage rights on a device to be able to use the Poll Now function.
  12. datapoint categories/classification

    Another reason to have alert categories would be to solve the ping loss and idle interval dual alerts. At the moment these would create two incidents in ServiceNow if I were to use the new ServiceNow integration app that was recently announced. If the alert rule could make use of alert categories, then one incident could be created for any alerts of a category.
  13. v96 Breaks Get Widget Data API

    @Sarah Terry Thanks!
  14. Hi, we were upgraded to v96 at around 2am GMT and since then the Get Widget Data API has broken. The returned JSON does contain any widget data. We have an alert widget for which we use he Get Widget Data API, it was working perfectly fine until the upgrade. I have logged a support ticket and requested to be taken back to v95. @Sarah Terry
  15. The Map Widget currently only displays map pins for devices (if I'm not mistaken). We would like the option to show device GROUPS instead. For example, given the device group structure shown in the attached image, we want to see ONLY pins for the devices groups Dubai and London. Under each device group we might have devices or further device group hierarchies, the severity of the map pin should be that of the device group. (I've tried adding the 'location' property to the device groups, but the map widget doesn't show a pins for the groups.) We'd like to choose a starting group in the device tree, the map widget should then place a pin on the map for any child group with the 'location' property set.