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  1. Hi Jason, Re "we found that Active Discovery has the potential to generate too many connections to servers", may I ask what is it that you're discovering (the instances)? Are they things that need to be discovered in one go, or could they be discovered one by one or in batches?
  2. Please add number formatting for Big Number widget. We need thousand and million commas for readability. 12345 should be 12,345 1234567 should be 1,234,567 And so on.
  3. Please add an option to delete all defined DataPoints in a DataSource module in. At the moment when we clone a DS we have to remove DataPoints one by one which is very time consuming (3 mouse clicks per delete!).
  4. Time Zone setting at the User level

    This is my number one issue. Is this being worked on? Can anyone from LM update us please.
  5. Timezone per user account

    Is LM even working on this? Or should I be looking for alternatives before next renewal?
  6. Yes, I too have to con-template implementing an intermediate service where emails to go a "middle man" system to be parsed and then actions taken. Tempting to build something in-house but looking at off he shelf options. In the past I would have done this in Netcool using the Impact module, or filtered inbound events using algorithms in Managed Objects.
  7. It's annoying for us also because each alert creates a ticket.
  8. Please add an option so that when a device is in the IdleInterval state (HostStatus DS), then all other alerts are automatically removed. At the moment some devices retain their ping loss alert even though the HostStatus DS has triggered the IdleInterval alert (no data being received). Our users are finding it confusing when some devices have both alerts, while others have only the IdleInterval alert.
  9. Please fix the help tips. All the help tips in the new device group dialog are incorrect. See attached example.
  10. Alerts Based on Data Over Time

    I also need this. I'd like to be able to have it trigger if the value after n consecutive polls breaches a threshold which is the average of the values from the past day/week/month, given a sampling interval over the selected period. So for example, is CPU% greater than the average CPU% from the past 7 days readings, at 1 hour intervals.
  11. Please, please, please fix it so that when editing the Device Group field of a NOC widget item, the values in the other fields are not wiped out immediately. It's incredibly frustrating! Sure, the values might be subsequently wrong, but at least allow us the option to amend without having to re input it all again. 9 out of 10 times the other values do not change for me.
  12. With DataSources and EventSources it is possible to tailor the alert message and content of the alert emails. However, with web services there is only the one template. We need to be able to tailor the email content on a web service by web service basis. Please make it possible to configure the alert email content per service check. Ideally it should be possible to define as many message templates as we like, and then choose which template to apply at a service group level, so that the service check objects inherit the template from the parent service group.
  13. In the graph configuration page, please dd option to set set the stroke width for line graphs. The current fixed stroke value is too thin when displaying graphs on big screens and viewing them from a distance. Ideally this this be an input value so we can set any value we want, but if these need to be predefined options, then 1px to 10px at least.