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  1. Please make it so that the Alert Tuning tab is not visible unless the user has manage device rights.
  2. Please add option to remap syslog severities to the LM severity values. At present syslog error level is red in LM and in many cases these are not critical errors from a service point of view, so we would like to remap them down to amber.
  3. Option to disable NOC widget icon

    Back again. Could we please also have the option to disable the alert icon too. Basically we just want the block with the caption only.
  4. Yes, a central key/value repository would be useful, with universal access to keys via scripting in particular.
  5. EventLog Fields

    Hi Michael, Is there a use case you have in mind?
  6. Do no run autodiscovery on devices in SDT

    Agree. During an SDT it should be possible to suspend alerting and discovery. Also, ConfigSources should be suspended too.
  7. Option to disable NOC widget icon

    Have seen this is addressed in v100. Thank you!!
  8. Excellent! I know my Network Operations team will be very pleased to hear this. Thanks.
  9. eventsource uniqueness

    I agree, I try to avoid using event sources because of the reasons you've stated. Your keying suggestion is similar to Netcool does it with its AlertKey field which can be configured as part of configuring the event collector in Netcool. Everytime an alert comes in with the same exact key, they are de-duplicated and the counter increased on the first occurrence alert. Alerts should have a last occurrence time stamp to show when the alert with the same key was last received, i.e. when the count last increased.
  10. Web services polling intervals go up to 10 minutes currently. Please add more, including hourly and 4 hourly options. My users would also like to be able to select the days on which to perform the tests, i.e. disable at weekends. (Not simply block alerts using SDT, but actually stop the polling.)
  11. Custom Alert Message - Auto Fill

    Yep, I'd like this too. Could the textbox to edit the message also be made taller by default. I always need to drag the text box to make it taller to edit. Making it taller by default will save time.
  12. Allow removal of applying SDTs from users

    I would like this too.
  13. Dashboard Sharing

    Please make the blue bar with the PRINT link an optional item to display. We often temporarily share dashboards for management to use in presentations and the blue "PRINT" bar takes up screen real-estate. I'd to have a checkbox that I can tick to hide the print option and blue bar in the dashboard sharing dialog.
  14. Need help with a GLOB expression

    @Sarah Terry Thanks!
  15. Hi, I have the following group hierarchy: Infrastructure Services/Primary/EMEA/Citrix Infrastructure Services/Primary/EMEA/Network Services Infrastructure Services/Primary/EMEA/Network Services/Routers Infrastructure Services/Primary/EMEA/Network ServicesSwitches Infrastructure Services/Primary/EMEA/Backups In an inventory report I want to include all devices except devices under "Network Services". I've tried numerous expressions and thought the following would be the one to go with: Infrastructure Services/Primary/EMEA/!(Network Services) But this still includes the devices in groups under Network Services. Any ideas?