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  1. The Add a new chain > Add new recipients dialog seems to suggest that only users can be added, but in fact allows groups also. Please enhance the UI captions to make clear if one or both is possible. It's confusing to my users and generates unnecessary tickets.
  2. The attached images show the CPU utilization when a Collector starts to collect configurations for our devices. We would like to have more options to stagger the collections of device config throughout the day. When the collections are all attempted at about the same time we see the CPU utilization jump and also get many failed collection warnings. Please make it so that we can specify different collections times for groups of devices.
  3. Agree with Tom, a checkbox to disable monitoring for a device or group during the SDT time period.
  4. Please add option to filter severities on the Map Widget. We only want to show amber (P2) or red (P1) on our maps.
  5. I came here to post this today. You beat me to it! Doing the same for Linux now, though haven't quite got the SNMP equivalent (by volume name) quite working yet.
  6. Please make it so that the Add New Group dialog inherits the default collector from the parent group if the parent group has a default collector set. We add groups all the time, so this would save us two or three mouse clicks each time.
  7. Please make it so that items in the Group column of the alert widget are each placed on a new row, just as the Full Path column does already. This would make it much easier to read the items.
  8. Thanks Mike. I watched your videos on YouTube before I started using LM
  9. The Add User page flags an email address as invalid if there is a trailing space. This can easily happen when users copy and paste emails addresses, for example, from a service request ticket. Copying from web pages often results in a space being added to the front or the end of the text selection. Please enhance the validation code so that it simply trims spaces from the start and end. This might seem like a small enhancement, but when you're a large organization and creating batches of accounts, it can be frustrating.
  10. Can someone from LogicMonitor please provide a progress update for localization of times. I don't understand why this is taking so long.
  11. The visibility of Groups should also be respected by the ##GROUP## token in alert messages and Integrations.
  12. We have devices that need to be members of multiple groups to keep our notifications simple. Currently, in the alert widget, all group memberships are shown in the Group column. We would like to be able to select which groups should be visible in the Group column. Usually it's the main business service group, and not the technical groups used only for alert rules. Also, we would like the groups in the Group column to be alphabetically sorted. Order seems random at the moment. Readability would be improved also if each group in the Group column was on a new line.
  13. @dmartzall If the ServiceNow metrics are available via the ServiceNow REST API, you could make a simple Groovy script data source to pull the metrics via a REST call, then parse out the JSON into data points. getData = new URL('https://' + account + '<...api query string.....>').getText(); response = new JsonSlurper().parseText(getData); metricValue =<some object>
  14. I would like Alert Tuning (group & device), and in time, at some point in the future, full module definition editing too please.
  15. Seconded. Desperate for this.