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  1. Time Zone setting for host group

    Would not be confusing at all. For example, we use ServiceNow which presents in local time. So an operations analyst looking at a ticket would know from the ticket time where to look at a graph in their local time. At the moment it's much more confusing.
  2. SDT - nth weekend/day support

    Yay! Thanks.
  3. Ability to email all users

    The other feature I would like to have (again would help with GDPR etc.) is to be able to configure the number of inactive days after which a user's account is automatically deactivated, and an automatic email out is sent to the user.
  4. Currently if I wanted to send some comms to all of my LM users, I have to gather all of their emails and do it from my own email client. It would be really useful to have a feature where I can message all my LM users from within LM. As part of our GDPR efforts we need to review each user's data and periodically remind them that they still have an account. It would also help with access governance.
  5. Please make it possible to update/apply the same alert notes to multiple alerts in a single operations. This is possible when alerts are new and unacknowledged. But I cannot see how it is possible once the alerts have been acknowledged.
  6. Seconded! Current system deters me from upgrading logic modules, unless I desperately need to. For me, it's the alert message customizations that we lose. A better way, I think, would be to separate alert message customizations from the logic module, and instead have a method of associating custom alert messages dynamically with logic modules.
  7. I agree. Rather than admins having to keep track of collector assignments, the system should use an algorithm to balance assignments across a group of collectors, based on type of device being monitored (WMI/SNMP), and datasources and instances.
  8. Please make it so that web service checkpoints can be configured on the web service group, and are then inherited by all the web service checks in the group. This would mean much lower effort to update web service checks - only one object to be updated rather than tens or hundreds.
  9. I like the idea of marking a Logic Module as "never to be updated" so that we can avoid accidental updates.
  10. We have more than one version of the same datasource, to be able to support the needs of different teams, and we need to keep the Display As the same for these datasource. In the Alert Tuning view at device group level, it's difficult to tell which datasource is which. Please add the DataSource description to the Alert Tuning table at device group level.
  11. SDT - nth weekend/day support

    Thanks @Mike Suding
  12. SDT - nth weekend/day support

    Please add the ability to select first, second, third, fourth weekend or day of month. So, for example, we need to be able configure: o Third weekend of the month, 0200 to 0400 - meaning both the third Saturday and Sunday of the month o Second Tuesday of the month, 0400 to 0600 And so on. At the moment we would have to manually add multiple entries and keep updating.
  13. Number Widget Label Wrapping

    Thanks @Ali Holmes
  14. Please make it so that after adding a device using the Add Device (Expert) option, the focus remain on the group object, and does not switch to the device just added. Perhaps this can be a configurable option per user, or globally if not per user? We often have to add devices in small batches manually and it would be faster if the focus remained on the group object.
  15. Please add more options for the web service check intervals. We have some security checks that we want to perform which do not require to be done every ten minutes, but are more appropriate to be performed just two or three times a day.