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  1. I too need this.
  2. There appears to be no that I can see to hide the alert widget filter expression in the mobile web and app view. Please add option to hide these as they waste screen real-estate and are meaningless to most of our non-technical users.
  3. For me it's not the updating of the agent software that is the most costly element, it's the months and months of raising change requests, getting the approvals and negotiating change windows for thousands of machines. We would probably never be able to stay up to date because by the time we've been through one update cycle, it would be time to start planning the next update. This is why we got rid of our previous agent based solution. Sure, we can automate the updates, but not the human element of business and IT operations. In an ideal world, yes we'd have the resources to do everything, but in practice we have to balance risks. So, what we're doing is to focus on access controls across the estate and security audits/alerts. We're comfortable with the security of our data centers; the primary surface area for malware in our environment is the end user compute space, but even so, regular users cannot perform WMI queries or issue commands to Windows servers, and the user VLANs and data center VLANs are firewalled. We limit the number of LM admins to a trusted few (just two people).
  4. While I appreciate the security points raised by Eric, I would have to reconsider LogicMonitor if I had to go back to installing maintaining agents across our estate. In my estate, we use a dedicated account for WMI for Windows, Linux and network monitored via SNMP and ESX using dedicated account for ESX. For custom data sources and event sources for applications and databases use we dedicated accounts also. Our production, dev & test VLANs and DMZ are firewalled.
  5. We would like to see a column in the Alert widget which can be used to perform a one-click acknowledgement of the alert. Perhaps the severity column could double as this function since it already shows a check mark for acked alerts? If it is an extra column, then the column should not take up too much real-estate, so perhaps use small icons as the ack link. Opening each alert to ack requires 3 mouse operations, and is frustrating if the Alert widget refreshes while an alert property view is open, since it immediately disappears. We have a need to quickly acknowledge lots of alerts. In the Alerts page there are selection checkboxes, but the Alerts page lacks a global system wide filter to enforce the same view for all operations staff.
  6. I also don't like the way the message property is handled. I would like the "message" attribute from a Script EventSource to become the "value" of an alert. The "happenedOn" and "severity" should be mapped to the actual alert fields and not repeated in the Value field. It should be possible for us to pass back exactly the text we want to show in the alert Value field from the script.
  7. Annie, in our case, the collector hosts are part of our Service Monitoring business service. All business services are viewable to our end users (business and technical), but I want only our operations system administrators to see the collector down warning message dialog at logon.
  8. Add option to only display the Collector down warning message at logon only for admin users. Regular non admin end users should not see this as it confuses some of our end users when we have Collectors down.
  9. Please make it possible to have the 'Link to URL' property of a device to be displayed as an icon next to the device name in the Alert widget. Ideally it would be a column of its own. Alternatively add the link icon next to the device/service name in the alert properties dialog.
  10. The SLA reports enable us to define the date time masks to apply against the data. We would like to be able to do the same for Trend metrics reports. Use case, we want to see the average ICMP response for Mon-Fri, business hours.
  11. It should be possible to assign a severity to SSL errors independently of the severity for site down. We use critical for site down, but an SSL error doesn't necessarily mean a site is down for our customers. Critical means an outage for us and a certificate expiration doesn't mean an outage as most browsers will simply complain, but the user can still access the web site. We would like to assign SSL errors a lower severity separately.
  12. I wish someone from LogicMonitor would respond to this. I'm at the point of installing an SMTP server to receive LM alert emails to then strip the LM prefixes. We get lots of alerts and the chaning LM ID prefix makes it hard for email system to thread the messages.
  13. When the Group property is displayed as a column in the Alert widget, the group values are displayed as hyperlinks to the group object. We would like to have a custom URL property on device group objects that would be displayed as an Alert widget column. Preferably there would be a checkbox option to use the custom URL property value as the URL of the Group hyperlink. Our use case: we create a device group for each business service CI in our CMDB, and we would like the Group hyperlink to be the web link to the business service CI in our CMDB.
  14. Please add a Settings option to allow users to set the colors for alert severities. This could be as simple as setting the CSS hex values/RGB values via a Settings UI. Reason is some people have color blindness and would prefer to select their own color values for severities.