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  1. @Stuart Weenig Yeah, that was the first thing I thought of, but I didn't have that option when I looked. As an enterprise IT operation (not an MSP one) we do not like it when things are presented to our users without our knowledge. We prefer new features to be disabled by default until we decide whether or not we want our users to have a feature. Otherwise it generates more work for us. We've had t disabled now in our portal.
  2. We have had the Logs options appear on our left hand nav bar. How can we turn this off please? @Sarah Terry
  3. The ##GROUP## token provides a command delimited list of the full paths of groups, example: Business Services/EMEA/Service Z, Business Services/APAC/Service X Can you please add another token which provides only the right most part, example: Service Z, Service X We want to send the groups to a webhook, but the full paths are too long and we don't have the option to do any processing at the webhook end.
  4. On 4K screens it is practically impossible.
  5. Can you please make the header section static (non-scrolling). Thanks.
  6. In the new Alerts view (1.43), trying to grab hold of the column resizer handle is near impossible. Please make the column header divider thicker so that it's easier to grab and drag.
  7. Please allow retrospective SDTs. We need this so we can filter out alerts in reports.
  8. Screen real-estate. Also, it's visually useful for Ops to have the alerts together. In separate widgets they may not make mental connections between SDT alerts and unexpected real alerts.
  9. The Alert widget shows acknowledged alert rows with a pale blue background. Please also do a similar thing for alert rows that are within an SDT period. I would suggest a pale violet or green, definitely not any hue of yellow, orange or red, as they would be confused with alert severities.
  10. Hi @sirisha, Can you paste more of your code? Need to see what you are doing before you call this function.
  11. Aha! Thanks @mnagel and @Stuart Weenig.
  12. Is there a bug in the CSV download option in a chart widget? If I set the time range to a custom time, say 1st Jan 2019 to now, the chart shows the correct data, but the CSV download only contains the current day's data.
  13. Solved it. For anyone who needs it here is how to generate the MAC part of the signature using only native ServiceNow script and classes. (I had to write my own convertByteArrayToHex() utility as there was nothing I could find native in ServiceNow.) The problem with using CryptoJS is that in ServiceNow it would only be allowed in a scoped app and I wanted to do this in the global scope. var HexUtil = { convertByteArrayToHex : function(byteArray) { var hex = ""; byteArray.forEach(function(byteValue) { hex += HexUtil.convertByteToHex(b