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  1. This is really useful Brandon, thanks. I was only interested in the Running state services and I wanted the list sorted on the service's caption in the MSC console, so I modified the code slightly: import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.win32.WMI; def hostname = hostProps.get("system.hostname"); def wmiQuery = " SELECT Name, Caption, State, Status FROM Win32_Service WHERE State='RUNNING' "; def session =; def result = session.queryAll("CIMv2", wmiQuery, 15); def runningServicesList = result.CAPTION.sort(); def winServicesRunning = runningServicesList.toString().replaceAll(",", " | "); println "WinServicesRunning=" + winServicesRunning;
  2. Hi Annie, If they re-trigger that is fine. For example, we have 100 devices in a group and we want to sometimes clear all alerts of a particular type rather than wait or the next poll, which in some cases for us could be several minutes or longer.
  3. Hi Annie, So I have devices that I want the end users to see, but there are alerts on those devices that I do not want them to see. For example, I want to see warning alerts but I do not want end users to ever see any warning alerts. Another example, I want to see the "no data" alerts, but I do not want end users to see the "no data" alerts.
  4. Please add option to copy alerts to clipboard. We frequently need to copy multiple alerts to clipboard to email device/service owners. We especially need to be able to select all alert where value property contains a specific string and then copy these to the clipboard to email device owners. These are not things we want to send a notification for, it's where we are reviewing monitoring and need the device owners to perform some follow up action.
  5. Currently I have no choice but to enable access to the all alerts view because my end users need access to the "Search anything" within alerts feature. This is because we use the alert Notes property to store useful information and they search on content in the Notes field. However, the all alerts view has everything, and there are alerts I do not want some end users to have visibility of. I would like a global filter option that can be applied to the all alerts view as an admin override to any filters a user may apply. Also, it should be possible for admins to show or hide the fact that a global filter is in effect.
  6. Please add an option to enable clearing of all alerts of a DataSource. This should be possible at group level, i.e. the option enables immediate clearing of all alerts for a chosen DataSource/DataPoint at group level. An option to do this globally would be useful too.
  7. Please add the "Search anywhere" feature to the alert widget. Though, make it configurable so that I can show it on some instances of the alert widget and not others.
  8. I have also asked for this. I also want to be able to click the map marker and be taken to that device.
  9. Please make it possible to select and copy to clipboard the error text from the web service step test view, see attached screen cap. At the moment trying to drag & select text on the page is impossible because instead of selecting the text, it tries to drag the panel heading.
  10. Please add an option on group objects to hide the group from being vivisble in the Alert widget's Group column. Please see attached screen cap. I have some devices which are members of two device groups. One group (Interoute) is the business service, the other (Routers Primary) is used purely to gather all devices of a type together to run a report against. I don't want the Routers Primary group to be visible in the Alert widget Group column. A checkbox on the group object to hide from widgets would be ideal.
  11. Thanks Matthew! Great to hear.
  12. When updating DataSources we lose customization of some attributes. Of course, we could clone and rename, but then we lose out on updates. What I would like is to be able to preserve a subset of the attributes, namely thresholds for alerting and the custom alert subject and message body.
  13. We have some Linux servers for which we need to use SNMP for OS monitoring, but we also need to use SNMP for some application monitoring. The applications bind to a different port, since the OS is bound to the standard SNMP port, 161. We would like to be able to use the embedded scripting, so please make it possible to specify a port with the Snmp.get() command: a = Snmp.get(host,".")
  14. I would like to be able to use the NOC widget to navigate to other dashboards. Currently clicking a NOC widhet status block opens a window and takes the user to the device tree object bound to the NOC widget status block. I would like to have it so that click a NOC widget status block takes the user to another dashboard. For example, I have a group named "Network Services" and under this group I have child groups for different countries, "Networks UK", "Networks FR", "Networks DE", etc. I have a NOC widget which displays a block for each country (see attached). Each country will also have its own dashboard. The intuitive action my users expect is to be able to click a NOC widget status block and be taken to the dashboard for their country.