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  1. Hi @sirisha, Can you paste more of your code? Need to see what you are doing before you call this function.
  2. Aha! Thanks @mnagel and @Stuart Weenig.
  3. Is there a bug in the CSV download option in a chart widget? If I set the time range to a custom time, say 1st Jan 2019 to now, the chart shows the correct data, but the CSV download only contains the current day's data.
  4. Solved it. For anyone who needs it here is how to generate the MAC part of the signature using only native ServiceNow script and classes. (I had to write my own convertByteArrayToHex() utility as there was nothing I could find native in ServiceNow.) The problem with using CryptoJS is that in ServiceNow it would only be allowed in a scoped app and I wanted to do this in the global scope. var HexUtil = { convertByteArrayToHex : function(byteArray) { var hex = ""; byteArray.forEach(function(byteValue) { hex += HexUtil.convertByteToHex(b
  5. I would like to use the REST API from ServiceNow but I'm not able to generate the HMAC using the ServiceNow Glide System native class GlideCertificateEncryption(), the resulting values don't match with what I would expect from Python or PowerShell. Are there any ServiceNow developers out there who have managed to call the LogicMonitor REST API from a ServiceNow script? If you have, could anyone share an example script please. var JavaString =; var key = new JavaString("key"); var message = new JavaString("message"); var keyUTF8 = new JavaString(key.g
  6. Hi David! I'm well thanks, hope you are too. For info, I also just noticed that if I add *State* as a Datapoint GLOB it causes my alert widget to complete fail to display anything (in one of my tests it also zapped the column settings I had). As a workaround to the negative GLOB issue, I was adding specific expressions (see attached) and that's how I came across this.
  7. This is more for info. I noticed today that in v136, negative GLOB expressions are not working in alert widgets. I have a ticket open (it's urgent for us). @Sarah Terry
  8. Hi @mkerfoot, have sent you a message with a YouTube link on how to get started with Google Apps Script web apps.
  9. Hi @Linus I tried that as well, but still the alerts were visible.
  10. In the old Alert view I could use a filter of "!(Test)" to filter out DataPoints with "Test" in the string. This no longer appears to work. For example, we want to filter out RetrievalTest and DifferenceTest datapoints. @Sarah Terry
  11. First I'd like to say that I'm happy with the way Recipients and Escalations work. We too have the problem of lots of recipients and escalations because generally our infrastructure operations want to be notified only for infrastructure alerts, but the business service teams want to be notified for all alerts for their business service (even if they can't do anything about it, they just want to be informed). What I've always though would be useful would be to be able to set on the resource group an "Always notify this group" option.
  12. @Sarah Terry - Resolved for us around 1530h (UK), but I did have to chase support a few times before it was escalated. Can I suggest LM should monitor this endpoint?
  13. Still nothing on the LM status page, but still not working for us at 0920h (UK). Though I notice there was a similar incident yesterday (Sep 10th).