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  1. Yes, or the platform (resource) may have started life as part of another group and then the business service was changed (application services separated out to different platforms), resulting in a new group to reflect the new architecture of the business service.
  2. @Stuart WeenigHi, yes, an example would be where we have a business service that starts off with one platform, and then one day is expanded to multiple platforms to scale up/out.
  3. Yep, that's right, Stuart. For our use case, it would be fine to simply overwrite any existing note.
  4. Yep, it is super rustrating not having this simple feature! Would be a huge time saver.
  5. What we would prefer is a simple manual options to pin the alert so that if it reoccurs and the alert is already pinned then the count on the pinned alert is incremented. When an alert is unpinned, then the process reverts to normal method of creating and clearing alerts as per DS definition.
  6. We often set SDTs for planned maintenance works and in the SDT note we add the change number. We would like the SDT Note to be automatically copied to the alert note of any alert occuring within the SDT period. This is useful later when we report on alerts.
  7. I suspected not, but thought I'd ask anyway 🙂 In my use case the "ABC001-OTHER..." resources are typically sequentially numbered, e.g."ABC001-OTHER01", "ABC001-OTHER02", "ABC001-OTHER03", etc. so I can work around it by simply using a loop in the code to generate entries in the edges collection for resources that may not yet exist, but if they came into existence then they would fall into place.
  8. I take it ERIs are exact matches. Is there any way to use regex for the "to" side? For exampke, where I have a resource with ERI "ABC001-START", I want it to have edges with any other resource where the ERI matches regex ABC001-OTHER.*. { "type": "Depends On", "from": "ABC001-START", "to": "ABC001-OTHER.*" },
  9. Agree with @mnagel, not all relationships between resources are technical and discovereable using techincal data. Some relatiosnhips are business process relationships. Being able to manually arbitrarily relate resources would be great for us to model our business process dependencies between resources.
  10. Hi, yes it works okay for us.
  11. We have conditons where an alert comes and goes (which results in repeat tickets). Once it is known that an alert is being caused by some condition that is going to be recurring for a while until it is address, we would like to have an option to "pin" and alert. That is to say, we want to make the alert stay until it is manually cleared (or a set time expires).
  12. @Stuart Weenig Yeah, that was the first thing I thought of, but I didn't have that option when I looked. As an enterprise IT operation (not an MSP one) we do not like it when things are presented to our users without our knowledge. We prefer new features to be disabled by default until we decide whether or not we want our users to have a feature. Otherwise it generates more work for us. We've had t disabled now in our portal.
  13. We have had the Logs options appear on our left hand nav bar. How can we turn this off please? @Sarah Terry
  14. The ##GROUP## token provides a command delimited list of the full paths of groups, example: Business Services/EMEA/Service Z, Business Services/APAC/Service X Can you please add another token which provides only the right most part, example: Service Z, Service X We want to send the groups to a webhook, but the full paths are too long and we don't have the option to do any processing at the webhook end.