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  1. Thinking about this, I would find useful if an acknowledgeded alert that is place into SDT could also become automatically unacked at the end of the SDT. (I'd also like the ability to limit SDTs to no later than n days from timenow.)
  2. A dark theme would be my preference. Much easier on the eyes, especially for night shifts.
  3. One day we might get a dark theme... 😀
  4. Hi @Linus, thanks for looking into this further. I can confirm that if I use !(*Test) in the new UI it now excludes correctly. Weird that !(Test) worked fine in the old UI though.
  5. Hi @Linus I tried that, but still the filter was ignored and did not work as it does in the old Alert UI.
  6. Hi @Linus I tried that as well, but still the alerts were visible.
  7. @mkerfoot If you use Chrome this might help. We use this Chrome extension which lets you choose a different timeout for each URL.
  8. The new Alert UI no longer appears to support negative filters, e.g. !(Test) if I want to exclude a DataPoint that has "Test" in the string. This worked very well in the old Alert UI and we use it a lot.
  9. In the old Alert view I could use a filter of "!(Test)" to filter out DataPoints with "Test" in the string. This no longer appears to work. For example, we want to filter out RetrievalTest and DifferenceTest datapoints. @Sarah Terry
  10. Ah! Thanks @Sarah Terry I was looking at the documentation which all had examples with another path after the /id and it never occurred to me to try just up to the id! Cheers.
  11. We have a regional (Americas, EMEA, APAC) hierarchy in our Resources structure, and would like to be able to query via the API the total number of resources at a group level. Currently the API only returns items if the group has direct child resources, but if the group is there purely for taxonomy, then it returns no items. We would like to be able to call an endpoint similar to /device/groups/{id}/devices which would return a total count of resources for the group, including all sub-groups. Our use case is cross charging the regions for LogicMonitor costs, and for this we need to be able to automate the counting up of resource items for each region. Basically we want to be able to get the same count we currently see in a resource group's tooltip, but via the API.
  12. First I'd like to say that I'm happy with the way Recipients and Escalations work. We too have the problem of lots of recipients and escalations because generally our infrastructure operations want to be notified only for infrastructure alerts, but the business service teams want to be notified for all alerts for their business service (even if they can't do anything about it, they just want to be informed). What I've always though would be useful would be to be able to set on the resource group an "Always notify this group" option.
  13. Another idea might be to have critical color "pulse" (using CSS animation).
  14. @Sarah Terry - Resolved for us around 1530h (UK), but I did have to chase support a few times before it was escalated. Can I suggest LM should monitor this endpoint?