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  1. Windows Drive Space Alerts

    @mkerfoot I haven't published ours, but happy to send an export. Will DM you.
  2. Please make it possible to remove/hide the default Uptime widget from a device view. We have no use for this as we never use the uptime datasource so the widget always shows as zero and this is confusing for my users,
  3. MAP widget for websites

    It would also be useful for Map widget to support group objects. I have groups that are business services and I'd like to be able to have a map view of services.
  4. show active alerts for alert rule

    Yes, that would be useful. I would also like to have a UI that lets me type in DataSource and DataPoint names, and any alert rules that would match are then listed.
  5. Integrations to Hangouts Chat

    Hi @PW-MrFreeze Google Chat has webhooks that can be enabled in chat rooms, is this what you mean? I've used it with the HTTP delivery integration.
  6. Previously I could search using "uk-wok*fw", now this returns no results. @Sarah Terry
  7. Please add option to hide the Disabled Datasources object in the Resources tree from users who do not have Manage or higher privileges.
  8. Please make the "go here" link in the "For more detailed troubleshooting recommendations, go here." message open in a new tab/window. If you accidentally click this it open in same window and we lose our command history! Add the debug help that appears on entering a debug console to the regular help content (if it's there I didn't find it) so that we can open the help panel and have the commands easily accessible from the Support Guide panel. The HTML version should be easier to read too. Finally, please add some blank lines between the built-in commands help to make it easier to read the green on black screen. HTML version in the Support Guide panel though, that's the way to go.
  9. What I'd like is something similar to how scripting is supported in web service checks. Particularly for HTTP integration. If the script option is selected, then you get a template script and the script context has access to an "alert" object which has all the alert info you would expect from an alert object (i.e. same as the alert returned by the API). As with web service checks scripting, the return value of the script would be the HTTP request payload passed to the integration, which is what I'd want to programmatically define in the script (JSON, XML, whatever).
  10. We waste a lot of productive time trying to figure out GLOB expressions, or supporting our non-programmer users with GLOB expressions. It would be super awesome if you could simply give us something based on the device tree navigator control from the Role definition editor view, so users can use that to select resource groups to include in a report. We prefer to give our users self service abilities, but GLOBs mean users have to come to engineering when they need to filter information from a report.
  11. Some columns in the Alert widget are sortable, by clicking the column heading. But, once you click the column heading, the column becomes sorted, toggling between ascending and descending with each click. There is no way to go back to the original unsorted state. Please add a third state, which is the unsorted order of the alert widget (which by default if I'm not mistaken is by alert timestamp).
  12. Doh! Why didn't I think of that. Thanks @Mike Moniz
  13. I have the numeric ID of a widget (used by a REST API call from an external app) but I can't seem to find it on any dashboards. Is there a way I can locate which dashboard the widget is on?