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  1. At the moment we lose our alert notes if an alert is revoked. Please make so that alert notes are retained so we can view them by viewing cleared alerts. The "alert is revoked" should be stored in a separate property of the alert.
  2. Mosh

    Dependencies or Parent/Child Relationships

    I'm interested too please.
  3. We've had instances where Ops folks (usually newbies) have set an SDT with duration much longer than they intended. Please add an option to enable us to limit the maximum duration for SDTs. For example, we'd like to limit SDTs to be no greater than 90 days from timenow. It would suffice for us if this was a system wide setting.
  4. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature enhancement. An overview graph in the resource view includes data for instances of an data source that previously existed (which is super useful for A/B comparison!). However, the the "Add to dashboard" option is used to add the graph to a dashboard, the graph only shows the current instance's data. Please make it so that when the graph is added to a dashboard, that the dashboard copy also shows the data for the previous data source instances, as this is what our users expect when they do this.
  5. @Michael Fisher Our preference would be that only admins get major new features. Reason being we may grant some of our functions to manage things, but use of major new features is something is release into our environment through a managed process, as we undertake analysis to understand behavioral impact of new features. If people receive a new feature it's because we want them to use it a certain way, rather than leave it to them to go off and do things might not be optimal from a operational process perspective (lean principles, six sigma, etc.) I love agility, but efficient agility Thanks.
  6. For info, looking through the tickets we had, some users actually thought Mapping was something else; they thought it was to do with "making maps" - as in customized Google maps type views, hence their excitement. So that's interesting for us internally as it would seem people are not aware of the map widget!
  7. HI @Michael Fisher It's okay, it's my own fault! I did some further digging because I too was puzzled how they could see it. Turns out they couldn't see it, which is what the tickets were actually about. Traced it down to one user had admin role from ages ago (because it was the only way to work around a bug we encountered to do with the Reports view). That user saw Mapping, got excited and told everyone else! Phew, panic over.
  8. Please, please, please DO NOT enable by default major new features for non-admins. We've just had Mapping appear for every user with no warning; resulting in them raising tickets, which is costly for us using an outsourced service desk! We only give our users features that we want them to use. What's more I've just had to go through every user record to uncheck Mapping - not helped by the fact that the Users views returns to the first page of results every time! It's taken me an hour almost. @Sarah Terry @Ali Holmes
  9. At the moment when a datasource is disabled, the DS object can still have sub-objects in the resource tree (under the disabled section). These sub-objects still show up in the resource tree search results. This is very confusing for our users as they expect not to find them (and nor do we want them to see them). Please make it so that sub-objects of disabled datasources are excluded from resource tree searches. (Ideally I would suggest making this a toggle option in Settings in case some folks want the opposite behavior.)
  10. Mosh

    Collector Name in Debug Console

    Just thought of this, you could make the "$" prompt of the debug console the name of the collector (as defined in the Collectors page).
  11. Also need to preserve the subject and body of customized notifications for data source's datapoints. Though I would much prefer to be able to define customis notifications templates separately and reference the template in the data point config. This would minimize the maintenace effort for customised notifications.
  12. Please implement more granular permissions for SDT function. We would like to be able to grant permission to apply SDT to data sources elements, but NOT on the resource itself. We often encounter situations where by accident or carelessness our staff apply SDT to a resource instead of the data source element.
  13. Mosh

    Dependencies or Parent/Child Relationships

    Thanks @Michael Fisher If the alert suppression is part of the core platform that is good news.
  14. Mosh

    Dependencies or Parent/Child Relationships

    Thanks @Chris Sternberg Will the topology module be a licensed module or included as part of a forthcoming update?