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  1. LogicMonitor Ticket request (50445) Currently the platform only supports syslog alerting for messages equal to and above Warning Level. Syslog messages below Warning are ignored. (Notice, Informational, Debug) We would like to have Notice and potentially even Informational syslog message alerts available on the LogicMonitor platform. Whats the reason for the feature request ? Many network devices have important syslog messages classified as Notice by default. Here are just some examples I have found personally on our Juniper devices. VCCPD_PROTOCOL_ADJDOWN OSPF NEI DOWN SSHD_LOGIN_FAILED LOGIN_FAILED LACPD_TIMEOUT This is just one Platform. Juniper does allow you to reclassify syslog messages to any severity level you want but its not a scalable solution. Also some platforms don't allow you to change classification at all (Palo Alto)