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  1. Our use case for this is that we have a large VMware environment with thousands of VMs and hundreds of datastores. Being able to see the unused and underused resources helps us identify left-over items to prune or consolidate.
  2. Is there any roadmap for adding Flash Pool Statistics to NetApp filers in Cluster mode? (Or has anyone managed to add them manually that could provide some direction?)
  3. I would also like to count a great many things (for a great number of different datasources).
  4. REQUEST: Please add the ability to create a custom graph with BOTH discrete instances (Top 10 or Show All) AND Aggregate entries in the same graph. USE CASE: We monitor very large NetApp aggregates and we need the ability to see IOPs and latency monitoring (which are only available at the volume level, which I can tie back to an aggregate). I want/need to be able to view both the aggregate-sum and the (top-10 or Show All) instances to determine relative impact of those instances on the overall performance of the aggregate and I have too many to aggregates to manage to be able to create 2 custom graphs for each..