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  1. Hello, just checking in for an update. We're starting to build reports manually (downloading service check data to csv, building report from there) Let me know if this is something that is in the works (dashboards to show top 10, and reports to automatically download service check data)
  2. Is there a way to get a Widget and Report setup to report on multiple service checks, specifically reporting on Response Time for ping or http/https checks, from the various service check locations (Washington, Dublin,etc) Example, widget to show the top 10 or 25 Service Checks in terms of Response time (show the service checks with highest response times, to allow us quickly to pinpoint which environments are potentially experiencing slow performance) For reports, a report of all service checks and response times would be good to have, to again help pinpoint problem customers, or even report back to them the performance of their environments. I found a similar feature request, that is a year old and there was no response to it.
  3. Thanks for the info. Is this in a new datasource we need to import from the LM repository? Or part of new collector or portal version?
  4. Just following up on this request, is this an item that could be added in a future release? When dealing with hundreds of hosts and thousands of VMs, it would be very beneficial to be able to track which VMs are on a specific host.
  5. We would also like to see this option. We have users looking at CPU usage across hosts, and they want to be able to review the VMs on the host to understand which VMs are causing the high CPU usage.