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  1. It would be more useful if the forecast reports could show the number of days to error.

    At present the output produces a list which indicate it will raise an alert at some point, but not when. Is it possible add the number of days that it will be before the alert is raised?

  2. Totally agree that this feature is required.
    A lock property on the group that prevents moving would be ideal.
    We have had operational issues caused by accidental movement of groups, which then cause Dashboards and Alert rules to fail. The movement can sometimes be in place for a while before noticed.
    I would recommend this is implemented as soon as possible as it undermines the reliability of the product in senior management's eye.

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  3. I get asked all the time to detail what alert thresholds are set for a group of devices.

    The current standard report doesn't provide the data to a low enough level. At present the report shows what could be set if the DS is assigned and what is set different to global.

    What is required is a report that details all the alert thresholds that are actually set for each applied DS for each device in turn.

    This will allow the teams to easily see and set thresholds for each device.

    If there is a way of doing this already, please point me in the right direction.

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