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  1. Sorry, I'm not setup to test this to verify how it works exactly. I would suggest reaching out to LogicMonitor Support so they can review your particular situation and settings.
  2. Mike Moniz

    Network Topology Maps

    Not currently. See https://communities.logicmonitor.com/topic/838-network-diagram/
  3. Tried esx.tags=true? https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/monitoring/os-virtualization/esx-servers-vsphere/#tag . Doesn't use device-level properties though. You can use PropertySources to run a powershell script to add the tags as device autoproperties. Your script will need to provide especially formatted output and that is covered in the documentation and you can look at existing PropertySources for examples.
  4. Mike Moniz

    SQL Mirror DB alerting

    I can't seem to find this DataSource in LogicMonitor, is this a custom or community DataSource? If you click on the "Edit Global Defining" to jump to it's DataSource settings, what is the "Name" and "lmLocator" code (under version, if exists)? If this DataSource provides Instances using Auto Discover (AD), you can either modify AD itself or use the Filtering section to only include instances you want.
  5. Mike Moniz

    collector fail count

    I don't know about the heartbeat fail datapoint other then what the description says "Number of failed attempts to execute the heartbeat task" but what I've setup is for all our collectors to ping LM (x.logicmonitor.com), ping and each collector pings all the other collectors. It helps us determine if for example the internet is down vs LM SaaS itself is down vs VPN down vs internal networking issues. Perhaps it might even make sense to temporarily add the collector server as a resource a 2nd time but have another collector monitor it. But if you have the option to just rebuild the server and collector, that might just be the simplest option.
  6. Mike Moniz

    Complex Datapoint and limit

    Based on the Limit documentation and without testing it, you have the right understanding. This would report 0 if ok and 1 if under/over but this also means the alert it would generate wouldn't provide any details like what is the temp actually is. Perhaps you can try having two complex datapoints called something like UnderTemp and OverTemp which each just have an expression of "Temperature" (basically cloning the normal datapoint) but one you can set thresholds of < 46 and the other > 60. That way you can report both that the temp was over/under with custom messages and have the temperature right in the alert. Makes it also easy to do warn/error/crit. Actually you can just clone the original Temperature datapoint without having to use complex datapoints (Poll Now would work this way) but I think complex Datapoints would make it more clear.
  7. I completely agree with this one. There are several situations where an alert gets cleared in LM but it doesn't update it's integration including if you disable alerting.
  8. Mike Moniz

    Collector IP address / Interface

    Hmm not sure, wouldn't expect collector/java to force an interface. I didn't see anything obvious in the collector config files either.
  9. Mike Moniz

    Collector IP address / Interface

    Perhaps you can use routing tables on the collector host itself? At the OS level.
  10. Mike Moniz

    Export Netflow from Windows Server to LogicMonitor

    Not sure about the netflow stuff but with wireshark (which also uses winpcap) it might not support using Perhaps try using the lan ip? https://superuser.com/questions/508623/how-can-i-see-127-0-0-1-traffic-on-windows-using-wireshark
  11. Mike Moniz

    Issues With Creating A Datasource

    Since it's part of a URL you might have to use urlencode rather than htmlentieies. So ">" would be "%3C". There is also java.net.URLEncoder in Groovy. I would look at perhaps using something like pairs << ("${k}=${URLEncoder.encode(v, "UTF-8")}") in your packParams() function. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10187344/how-to-encode-url-in-groovy
  12. Mike Moniz

    Issues With Creating A Datasource

    I haven't tested your code but I would try doing some testing and attempt to narrow down which part exactly is causing the issue. For example does your code work fine if you remove all the parameters from the URL? And if you remove just the filter part? My gut feeling would look at the non-alphanumeric characters in your filter and there might be differences between how REST calls work in PS vs Groovy. Perhaps they need to be escaped. You might also want to simplify your code, just for testing, in case there are issues with function parameters or the like.
  13. Mike Moniz

    SQL Mirror DB alerting

    What DataSource are you using that is reporting down?
  14. Mike Moniz

    parsing response

    I don't really know python much but LM did state they will be providing a new Python SDK once v.113 is released (end of the month) which might make querying LM easier: https://www.logicmonitor.com/release-notes/v-113-release-notes/ . I haven't seen it myself. Otherwise you may want to output/dump jsonResponse to make sure it's valid json (and not an http 501 error for example) or perhaps comment out the print line to see which line is causing the error? Perhaps you need to do ['data'][0]['id'] or the like? The API can return multiple devices. Again I don't really know python and I'm not currently setup to test with it.
  15. Mike Moniz

    VMware Overview Dashboard

    I don't recall what the default VM dashboard looks like, and likely have changed since we start using LM anyway, but here are some more generic ideas: Most widgets have options to show a TOP/BOTTOM 5, 10 or 25 datapoints, you can try using this rather than ALL to not hit the 2000 instance limit. You can modify widgets to look at a smaller sections of your environment, perhaps based on your vm naming convention, and then clone the widgets as needed.