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  1. Meraki Multiple Organizations

    We have also seen the same issue, although I believe we have enough collectors that we haven't needed to do any DNS tricks. I would be interested in how that works for you over the long term. I can't think of any potential problems with that trick.
  2. SNMP - Use RAW value in datapoint

    I expect you can use the "Interpret output with: a regular expression to extract a value" on that datapoint then use a regex like "(\d+)" to just get the numeral data.
  3. Alert Can't connect https, but can curl from collector

    Very odd, was your "HTTPS-" DataSource modified? Perhaps worth checking the Repository if there is an updated version of or difference in that DataSource from core. Otherwise I would dig thru the wrapper and other collector logs or reach out to LM support.
  4. Adding more data points

    Perhaps export the existing DataSource as an XML file then edit the XML to add your DataPoints directly, then import it back in?
  5. Alert Can't connect https, but can curl from collector

    It does look like it's not able to communicate with the web server. Status 5 is "Network error" and it isn't showing any content or headers. Have you tried using the debug console !http command to see what it shows? It supports using https as a url. Do you have a proxy? I don't think LM collector will look at the windows/IE proxy settings while other software might.
  6. Customisable "Minimal Monitoring" PropertySource

    Z97KZX is reporting "503: This LogicModule is currently undergoing security review. It will be available for import only after our engineers have validated the scripted elements" when I attempt to load it in.