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  1. Hi Sarah, Thanks for this. My import is now working following the example you provided. Though I am getting some formatting issues for the Collector Attributes > Groovy Script section. I don't know if its actually an issue yet, but imagine that it might be. I understand your comment completely; We're looking to commit our internally amended / created data sources into version control, and import them into our production instance under change, hence the desire for this. Many Thanks, ~Nick
  2. Hello All, I'm attempting to import datasources into our LogicMonitor instance, using the API and PowerShell. The following documentation only provides a CURL example, which isn't really sufficient for us. Usage: Import-LMDatasource -Credential $credentials -FilePath 'c:\repositories\LogicModules\DataSources\CustomDataSource.xml' I am assuming that you have an array containing your accessId, accessKey and company name, prior to calling the function. The parameter