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  1. Please can somebody security review and approve this?
  2. Written in groovy, uses the Cloudflare API to check Load Balancer health status. Creates an instance for each origin and then alerts if associated health check reports failed. Published with lmLocator: 34XHH7 Create a device with hostname api.cloudflare.com You'll need to specify the following properties on your device: cf.organization cf.xauth.email cf.xauth.key
  3. Published with lmLocator: FHGN6P This datasource will check the activation status of Windows and alert if a 1 (licensed) is not returned
  4. @Andrey Kitsen thank you Totally forgot to mention you'll also need to install the Exchange Management tools on your collector. If you don't have the Exchange installation media to hand you can install the management tools from the SP3 update. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=36768 Cheers.
  5. This datasource will return the number of unread items in a mailbox. Works with Exchange 2010 OWA, may work with other versions. Requirements: Exchange 2010, OWA. Set the property mailboxcount.alias for each mailbox you want to monitor, an instance will be created. You also need EWSUtil.dll, a quick Google should suffice. Locator: WXAJMW