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  1. Awesome stuff! Thanks for the contribution @Vitor Santos. These should all be through SR and available in the LM Exchange.
  2. Hey @David, we do this intelligently for Failover pairs, but not yet for ABCG. I'll discuss with the collector team to see if we can get this improved. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. @SeanC I've spoken with the Collector development team about this. They've confirmed that my answer above is accurate. I'll speak to support about the confusion. Collector dev is also going to take a look at the ticket to see what went wrong in your portal with failover. I hope you didn't have to spend too much time doing your own verification on this. Sorry for any hassle.
  4. Hey @Vitor Santos there's nothing official for PowerStore yet. We're building PowerMax right now, we'll be looking to get coverage for PowerStore soon after.
  5. @SeanC ABCG should not prevent failover even when the target collector is/would be above the rebalance threshold. If you're seeing this behavior I suggest reaching out to support to see if they can help you out.
  6. @chglwalker, @Mark Hensler You should be able to get these from the Exchange today, or from the old Repository if you're on v159.
  7. @Stefan W Large collector is: 8GiB total RAM (recommended) 4GiB JVM RAM (configured in agent.conf) 2GiB SSE RAM (half of configured JVM RAM) So you shouldn't even need 4 GiB for the SSE to start. The above is only for embedded Groovy scripts. Powershell, upload scripts, and external scripts don't run in the JVM. We'll improve the capacity document. I appreciate you taking the time to investigate and post your findings.
  8. @usnishguha if your linux host doesn't have open internet connectivity, that's probably why `go mod tidy` is failing; it can't download dependencies.
  9. Plus 1 for Dark Reader (I'm using it on FF), I haven't found anything in LM that isn't usable with it.
  10. @mhashemi change "list.Add" to "list.add" without a capital "A" and it should work.
  11. @DanB it doesn't look like we ever made an official note of this during development, but it looks like Rubrik offers a Read Only Administrator role. That may provide more read access than is needed, but should work. Sorry I can't give you a better answer. These are fairly popular modules though, someone else may chime in. I've also posted this in the internal module related chat in hopes of getting you a better answer.
  12. No worries! Thanks again for sharing.
  13. Looking good, @Michael Baker! If you publish it and drop a locator I can get it through SR again.
  14. Cheating? That's the beauty of the Exchange! If there's anything you think we can look at to make the process easier I'd love to hear your thoughts on that too.
  15. I would also take a look at the walkAsMap() method, as it returns a parsed array whereas walk() gives you kind of an unruly string. You can find it used in Cisco_CPU_Usage
  16. @Michael Baker thanks for the contribution! I just put it through Security Review. One tip: the Snmp methods like get() and walk() will handle auth properties transparently if they're configured on the target host. All you really need to pass is the OID and hostname. There are quite a few examples in core DataSources. You might give the collection script of Cisco_Nexus_Temperature a look. We're working on publishing more information about these built-in classes to make this easier.
  17. @Mark Hensler we're working on these now, they should be released fairly soon.
  18. @Austin Culbertson one of the module engineers mentioned that VMware_vCenter_VMPerformance is multi-threaded, and maybe a bit cleaner than than SO link. ctrl-f for "Executors" in the collection script.
  19. @Austin Culbertson it's possible, but I don't have any examples handy. You need to make sure you clean up any threads you spawn. Might be able to get started with this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26004337/java-multithreaded-port-scanner If you have Service Insights, you could aggregate that data there across your 16 hosts.
  20. Also, if you're testing from a tool like PuTTY, IIRC it draws Username and Password prompts to the screen as if they're coming from the server, when they're actually coming from PuTTY.
  21. It's probably timing out during one of the expect() methods because it isn't finding a match.
  22. These are available with locators CEC349 and MPNE9G @kmando you work for another company that has LogicMonitor? You can publish updates under that account if you've moved companies. You should still be able to get your old public modules from the Exchange.
  23. @David Bond it looks like these are still set to Private. They won't be downloadable without being toggled Public in the Exchange.
  24. We're investigating how to properly support this use case going forward. We appreciate the patience and understanding in the meantime.