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  1. @Vitor Santos we'll certainly improve Collector search when that page gets the "new UI treatment", but there's currently no plan to change how it's working in the current/old UI.
  2. Hey @Vitor Santos, it was changed in v140 as part of a bugfix. The page didn't support pagination, so users with enough Collector Groups weren't able to see them. We reused another similar component that already had paging, but it also changed the behavior to still show those empty groups. We can look into hiding those empty groups again when filtering.
  3. @Jeet_G we cover Synology and QNAP out of the box. If you have another system, creating SNMP-based DataSources to monitor it is generally pretty simple.
  4. @mnagel there's no SQLite JAR in there, unfortunately, but EA collectors do have a new script cache feature: https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/collectors/collector-configurations/collector-script-caching The cache is scoped to a device, and entries will survive collection intervals.
  5. The extended alert tuning stuff is still closer to 6 months out, but we're finding more areas where it will solve problems, and we're getting lots of asks for it, so the timeline could change.
  6. Awesome stuff @mnagel, they've all passed Security Review. Thanks for sharing. The monitoring team gives me gruff about the tech notes limit too. We have an item to bump the field length, but there is a decent amount of stuff ahead of it. The monitoring team actually wants to have something like Github README pages in the LMX, maybe at the package level. They write all the docs in Markdown before passing them to the Documentation team.
  7. @Vitor Santos, looks like their API uses Basic Auth, so it should be fairly trivial to make simple calls with our built-in HTTP library, and parse the JSON with JSON Slurper: import com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.http.HTTP import groovy.json.JsonSlurper hostname = hostProps.get("system.hostname") port = hostProps.get("api.port") user = hostProps.get("api.user") pass = hostProps.get("api.pass") httpClient = HTTP.open(hostname, 443, true) httpClient.setAuthentication(user, pass) /* * This helper function handles any HTTP GETs. */ def httpGET(endpoint) { httpClient.get(endpoint)
  8. @ray.tremayne you should be able to do this without the API with a counter or gauge type datapoint that you multiply by ##POLLINTERVAL## in a Complex Datapoint. Counter and Derive take the difference of current and previous and divide by the polling interval in seconds. You might get some slight rounding, but in most cases this should be fine.
  9. @kman looks like useful stuff! If you publish it to the Exchange and share the locator here I can get it through security review for you. Thanks for contributing!
  10. Hey @Vitor Santos, glad to hear you got this working. Sorry about the NX-OS stuff overlapping. I'm pretty sure we lack UCS C coverage via the API because we had no UCS C devices to develop it against. If you have UCS C devices you'd be willing to let us develop against, let us know what you'd like to see and we can see about getting it into an upcoming sprint.
  11. CollectorDB is an unpublished internal class/API. We are looking at building this functionality into a published API that you can use without fear.
  12. This behavior is a vestige of the original design, which was meant to handle SNMP tables that would reorder the entries: Value > Alias .0 > Foo .1 > Bar -reboot- -active discovery- Value > Alias .1 > Foo .0 > Bar So the alias persists, but the value changes over time. The value is used when reporting the data, because SNMP generally uses those index numbers to lookup related info in other tables. This has been carried all the way through to batchscript collection where the key/value pair output looks like ##WILDVALUE##.key_name.
  13. It will automatically pull in wmi.user/pass. Here are some recent javadocs: https://www.logicmonitor.com/support-files/javadocs/28606/com/santaba/agent/groovyapi/win32/package-summary.html
  14. @Jason_LMADM can you give it another shot? They were marked Private as part of our migration and got missed when we flipped all the locators in the forums back to Public. Thanks.
  15. @mnagel it's through review. Our system isn't smart enough to notice that we've reviewed an identical script. It just flags anything with code for review (including Groovy CDPs). It would be nice to check them against a list of previously reviewed code and possibly bypass SR in that case.