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  1. @Austin Culbertson one of the module engineers mentioned that VMware_vCenter_VMPerformance is multi-threaded, and maybe a bit cleaner than than SO link. ctrl-f for "Executors" in the collection script.
  2. @Austin Culbertson it's possible, but I don't have any examples handy. You need to make sure you clean up any threads you spawn. Might be able to get started with this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/26004337/java-multithreaded-port-scanner If you have Service Insights, you could aggregate that data there across your 16 hosts.
  3. Also, if you're testing from a tool like PuTTY, IIRC it draws Username and Password prompts to the screen as if they're coming from the server, when they're actually coming from PuTTY.
  4. It's probably timing out during one of the expect() methods because it isn't finding a match.
  5. These are available with locators CEC349 and MPNE9G @kmando you work for another company that has LogicMonitor? You can publish updates under that account if you've moved companies. You should still be able to get your old public modules from the Exchange.
  6. @David Bond it looks like these are still set to Private. They won't be downloadable without being toggled Public in the Exchange.
  7. We're investigating how to properly support this use case going forward. We appreciate the patience and understanding in the meantime.
  8. Hey @David Bond, awesome contribution! Thanks for these, they've all made it through Security Review.
  9. We're working on getting "Windows Parity" on Linux collectors this year. WMI, Powershell, PDH. We're not using wmic, but more info will come as we progress.
  10. @mnagel I feel your pain with having to open the whole datapoint definition to get the NoData settings. We're improving this in UIv4.
  11. We occasionally get requests for this, but there are so many great options for proxying data around out there, it's unlikely we'll do something like route A through B. We do have great proxy support built into both Linux and Windows collectors today.
  12. Hey @brentster, we're making a lot of enhancements to Topology Mapping this year. We are looking at information overlay like turning the connections red. We don't have anything set in stone yet. It would be really helpful for me if you could give me more information about which devices in your portal aren't being mapped. It could be that we need to add coverage, or it could b that you need to enable LLDP/CDP or something like that. We've heard a few requests for seeing nodes on a real world map. This isn't as far along as information overlay, but definitely something we're considering as we get feedback.
  13. You can't change the Host Dead time, it's hardcoded backend logic. You can change the Host Status alert but I don't recommend it, as it doesn't change the back end logic for host death and suppression. The only magic is the heartbeat interval on the HostStatus DS. It doesn't get reset by every collection type, for example SCRIPT modules will not reset it. Ping will. The backend looks at this value to determine host death and suppression.
  14. We are targeting Q1 2021 for an official release of these. Please speak with your CSM if you're amenable to letting us develop and test against your gear.
  15. We're targeting Q1 2021 for an official release of the beta stuff that's floating around. If you have Rubrik devices we can develop and test against, please reach out to your CSM.