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  1. Piggybacking on this thread Are tokens supported within filepaths for eventsources? e.g. If the eventsource applies to "Product Category" And the Logfile Path could be \\#HOSTNAME#\C$\Program Files\Application\Log\debug.log ?
  2. Great stuff @Alejandro Esmael Any update on PR4DGP as it is still showing "Import Error: This LogicModule is currently undergoing security review. It will be available for import only after our engineers have validated the scripted elements." ? Please advise Will
  3. @mnagel - Was this still being experienced with updated collectors? I have deployed this datasource to a few of our systems and will report back on our findings.
  4. Any update on this datasource?
  5. @Shack - did you ever find anything out for this one?
  6. I have a custom data source to monitor services on an ESXi host - hostd and vpxa. I am going to try and manipulate that to get services from a VCSA, similar to this: https://www.vladan.fr/vmware-vcsa-check-running-services/
  7. Any idea when this will be out of 'security review' ?
  8. @Paul Hughes, @Arkadi Shlimovich - I am facing a similar issue. Using the data source 'WinSystemUptime' - if the collector is using a domain account, this source works fine. However, like Arkadi mentioned, if the collector is running as Local System, even having WMI permissions defined on the device, this data source will not work. All other data sources which use WMI do work, including those that are explicitly looking for wmi.user and wmi.pass Is there a way to get this working?
  9. Does anyone have a good datasource they are using for monitoring key services on a VMware vSphere ESXi host - e.g. hostd, vpxa, vpxd, mgmt-vmware, etc? Thanks Will
  10. Thanks Kerry. This needs to be adjusted Currently wizard is "hasCategory("NetscalersActive")&&(auto.netscaler.feature.aaa == "Licensed, enabled")" but it should be auto.netscalerfeature.aaa (no '.' between netscaler and feature)
  11. You rock! Will provide feedback soon.
  12. Awesome! Thank you Kerry. Any idea how long the approval process takes?
  13. Agreed. Add NetApp and Nutanix to the list. Anyone willing to start a dashboard? "Willing" contributed here both in terms of time/effort put into this or a donation if someone else beats me to the punch.