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  2. FYI: Official LogicMonitor supported Rubrik modules are now in CORE.
  3. That sneaky sneaky guy! Hope you're enjoying them
  4. 363YNJ - Cisco UCCX Applications MYYR32 - Cisco UCCX Campaigns MKPA9C - Cisco UCCX DB Purge Configuration Status 43TTK2 - Cisco UCCX Agent Stats These LocatorID's should allow you to import the modules. *NOTE: They were just submitted for security review, so you may get an error while the Monitoring Engineer team reviews them for public consumption. @mhashemi @Herin
  5. @Jason Fant those look like the ones I wrote a few months back. @mhashemi @Herin let me get ya'll some locatorID's so you can import the modules.
  6. Here's some CheckPoint VSX modules. They all use SNMP PropertySource: - addCategory_CheckPointVSX : Y4P9AF DataSource: - CheckPoint VSX Interfaces : RKTYNK - CheckPoint VSX Status : MHXJR7 - CheckPoint VSX CPU Usage Per Core : PTZ9L7
  7. We'll be putting together a dashboard once the modules are officially released. Keep an eye out on for that release when it drops.
  8. Locator ID: NWC2ZM Required Properties: hasCategory("Aruba") && ssh.user && ssh.pass Note: You may need to add an additional SysOID Map entry to capture some ArubaOS devices. Categories: snmp,snmpTCPUDP,Aruba OID: \.1\.3\.6\.1\.4\.1\.47196\.4\.1\.1
  9. Locator ID: 22K7WT Properties Required: && Ensure the following services are running: - 'Cisco Prime LM Resource API' - 'Cisco Prime LM Resource Legacy API' See CLI commands below: admin:utils service activate Cisco Prime LM Resource API admin:utils service activate Cisco Prime LM Resource Legacy API
  10. Threw these together to get some coverage out for SDX models. You can search and find these directly in the exchange.
  11. If you look over the existing Groovy code, you can see that I pretty much templatized it all. You would only need to revisit the post processing of the returned data, which I don't see it being too different to the other existing reports DataSources. I definitely love me some Python and wish I can write embedded Python code the same way we do Groovy. I've definitely become partial to Groovy over the 5yrs now at LogicMonitor, so I'm definitely an advocate for it when appropriate.
  12. Hi @Andy Escolastico I've since moved onto other projects but I've submitted the work to our core repository team for them to look over the pull request and get these modules into core. I'll leave a note there to have them look into the "Protection Tasks Details" report. If you feel so inclined, you can probably work off of the existing reports based DataSources and figure it out yourself. Groovy isn't too difficult and the Rubrik API is fairly straight forward.
  13. Good catch. Hope you're enjoying the modules Also, if anyone builds a cool dashboard that they want to share, please let me know!
  14. Hey @Mike Moniz just flipped the private repo flag. Can you please try again and let me know if successful ?