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  1. @aziacould definitely easily extend these modules out to capture additional metrics. My test portals did not have AWS and Azure backups enabled, so maybe thats something you can put together when you get the time
  2. Appreciate the love @Dennis Huynh These are still in security review and I'm pushing on the team to get them cleared so everyone can easily import them via their Locator ID's. If they are not security reviewed by the end of the week, I can manually import these from the backend if necessary. @sawyer.lef
  3. Looks like the modules haven't gone through the LM Exchange security review. @mpiedra I just sent you a direct message.
  4. Thought these graphs looked cool. Will be dropping the module locator IDs sometime soon, just got to iron out a few more things. @sawyer.lef you interested in these by chance ?
  5. Here's some Rubrik LogicModules. *NOTE: Alert thresholds have been lightly/conservatively set. Requires rubrik.user & rubrik.pass be set. PropertySources Rubrik_Product_Info CDA9LK addCategory_Rubrik NGLPWA DataSources Rubrik_Archive_UnmanagedObjects 4376C6 Rubrik_Cluster_Hosts X6CXZN Rubrik_Cluster_Nodes 6D43GA Rubrik_Global_IOStatistics PGJYTY Rubrik_Global_PhysicalHostIngest 6RGWMJ Rubrik_Global_Storage EZHJFX Rubrik_Global_Streams EHX4RZ Rubr
  6. Built these out, figured ya'll would enjoy them. Requirements: - cradlepoint.user - cradlepoint.pass PropertySources: addCategory_CradlePoint_NetCloud : 4ZC3G2 CradlePoint_NetCloud_Info : KEWTNL DataSources: CradlePoint_NetCloud_ClientUsage : RYGHER CradlePoint_NetCloud_DefaultPasswordCheck : DEC9YH CradlePoint_NetCloud_EthernetPortStatus : PXXRGJ CradlePoint_NetCloud_GlobalPerformance : RYFTCD CradlePoint_NetCloud_LANGlobalStatistics : EWEDJL CradlePoint_NetCloud_LANSt
  7. @SenthilK I also tried this morning and wasn't able to get anything. I pinged the product manager for LM Cloud and will update you here when I get an answer.
  8. Here's some basic Gigamon GigaVUE modules. SysOID Map Entry \.1\.3\.6\.1\.4\.1\.26866\.3 snmp,snmpTCPUDP,Gigamon PropertySource Gigamon_Product_Info : 3YC9KL DataSources Gigamon Global Statistics : MPDF2F
  9. Some Adtran AOS NetVanta DataSources and PropertySource. Requirements: SysOID Map Entry \.1\.3\.6\.1\.4\.1\.664 snmp,snmpTCPUDP,Adtran Locator IDs: PropertySource Adtran Product Info : XMXXLH DataSources Adtran CPU / Memory : DMLXR9 Adtran File Systems : HTZY4D Adtran Processes : E4G49M Adtran QoS Interfaces : 3KXJ3C
  10. DataSources to monitor Sonus 1000/2000 SBC CAS / ISDN / SIP Signaling Groups. Locator IDs: - Sonus_SBC_CASSignalingGroups : H99P33 - Sonus_SBC_ISDNSignalingGroups: WXD22F - Sonus_SBC_SIPSignalingGroups: R727EY Required Properties: - sonus.user - sonus.pass
  11. Captures bits of system metadata that are not available via SNMP via the 'system_profiler SPHardwareDataType' terminal command. May or may not be useful for those with CMDB integrations. - Model Name & ID - L2 / L3 Cache - Serial Number - Hardware UUID - Installed Memory - Processor Info Required Properties: - ssh.user - ssh.pass Locator ID: C3WF7T
  12. Captures the following F5 BigIP configurations. - /config/BigDB.dat - /config/bigip.conf - /config/bigip_base.conf - /config/bigip_script.conf - /config/bigip_user.conf - /config/user_alert.conf - /config/profile_base.conf - /config/low_profile_base.conf - /config/cipher.conf - /config/daemon.conf - /config/bigip.license - /config/startup AppliesTo: hasCategory("F5") && ssh.user && ssh.pass Required Properties: - ssh.user - ssh.pass Locator ID: 6AFTYL
  13. Core was missing monitoring of quota limits, so I put one together. Captures metric points such as disk limits, disk space used, file limits, file space used, etc. Locator ID: W677NH
  14. Built these out a while ago, figured I would share them. PropertySource: 9EPN9L DataSources: - Connection Broker: T6NE9P - Services: Y4XXK6 - Database Performance: 4F2CFP - Sessions: NHPJZH