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  1. I built out some basic Alibaba Cloud modules as a proof of concept. Wondering if anyone here was actually using it or not. SLB - Load Balancers VPC - Access Points
  2. @Andy Escolastico sorry for the late response. @Stuart Weenig had reached out to me and we got it all reviewed and cleared. Glad you're enjoying it.
  3. Just a thought, but have you tried adding the DB name into the JDBC connection string ? We've got some Groovy based examples here: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//<hostname>:<port>/<database_name>
  4. @Dave Hamer you should be good to go. Security review has been complete.
  5. Looks like I gotta start monitoring my Pi-Hole as well. I've been using mine for a while and its fantastic but getting some long term metrics would be cool too. Great job 👍
  6. @ErnieC You can use the locator ID mentioned to import them into your LogicMonitor portal. Security review is lifted .
  7. @Herin @CraigTheSysAdmin sorry for the long wait. You should now be able to import all of those modules. Cheers!
  8. @smiralles88 there is a locator ID in the original post. You can import the module with the following locator ID : ACTXKD
  9. @Jono we just had to do a quick security review. You should now be able to import both of these.
  10. @kholbrook this looks pretty great. If you've already got this working inside a DataSource, go ahead a publish it and share the locator ID here for others to easily grab and use. Also, are you by chance running our newest suite of SQL Server monitoring ? We've got some coverage of AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Availability Replicas, Replicas and Replica Clusters.
  11. Looks like this slipped past my radar. @Cash should be able to import it now.
  12. @sawyer.lef funny enough, we're close to releasing our core version of this. I'l let you know when it becomes available.