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  1. Windows Basics PropertySource

    hey @Joe Tran that locator ID should now be working.
  2. RDP Sessions

    @smiralles88 there is a locator ID in the original post. You can import the module with the following locator ID : ACTXKD
  3. ConfigSource to compare to a known template (PoC)

    @Jono we just had to do a quick security review. You should now be able to import both of these.
  4. @kholbrook this looks pretty great. If you've already got this working inside a DataSource, go ahead a publish it and share the locator ID here for others to easily grab and use. Also, are you by chance running our newest suite of SQL Server monitoring ? We've got some coverage of AlwaysOn Availability Groups, Availability Replicas, Replicas and Replica Clusters.
  5. RabbitMQ Queue Stats

    Looks like this slipped past my radar. @Cash should be able to import it now.
  6. Cisco Switch ErrDisabled Status on Port

    @sawyer.lef funny enough, we're close to releasing our core version of this. I'l let you know when it becomes available.
  7. NetApp SnapMirror Lag Time for CMode

    For everyone watching this post, all of the newly refactored NetApp 7-Mode & Cluster-Mode modules are available in core. Ensure you also grab the corresponding propertySource! @Jeff11
  8. SQL 2016 Databse Sync HA Monitor

    @Gregb you should be able to import it now.
  9. Cisco Info PropertySources

    Hey @Kris welcome to the forum. You will find Locator ID's being shared which can be used inside the LogicMonitor portal to find and import the modules. If you need any help figuring out how that all works, you can always reach out to the LM Support team and they can guide you if necessary. Here's a page that can help get you started :
  10. SQL 2016 Databse Sync HA Monitor

    @sawyer.lef we've got new MS SQL monitoring coming very soon. I'll keep you updated once those hit core.
  11. Windows Basics PropertySource

    Funny enough, we've got a PropertySource and accompanying datasources in review thats grabbing nearly the same host metadata.
  12. SonicWall VPN Monitoring

    @JaseTheAce you can import these beta datasources with the following locator ID's. SonicWall_CPU_Cores : HFCEH9 SonicWall_CPU : XFDRKJ SonicWall_Memory : PP4TPW SonicWall_IPSecVPNTunnels : GP4MXX
  13. LogicModule Development Recipes

    @jamiemurphyit let me reach out to our developers and see if I can get some insight on those docs.
  14. SonicWall VPN Monitoring

    @JaseTheAce we've actually run into the SNMP limitation a little while back and we rewrote the SonicWall monitoring to use the CLI as retrieving the data is incredibly more efficient and accurate. It's nearly in core, but if you are interested in getting your hands on it early, let me know.
  15. Interface Utilization Graphs in percentages

    I've created an internal ticket to research the additional datapoints. Given that its reliant on the basic speed OID to determine that, it may not be entirely possible but we will look into it and keep you updated.