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  1. The current method to disable monitoring for a device is to do it through the datasources applied to it. In a scenario where I need to disable monitoring for about 50 devices, it is a lot of manual work to do it this way. A button similar to the "Enable Alerting" button for every device would make this a lot easier. Clicking that button should not remove the device from the system, but should turn off all monitoring for that device and should be capable of being turned on again.
  2. Hi Sarah, Thank you for the response. In the attachment to this message, you can see that we have a couple of healthchecks under the cluster health check titled "screening II cluster". I am able to find the host id for screening II cluster and add an SDT using the API. However, in a case where I need to add an SDT on a health check nested under this one, like "Appfolio Screenings NBD criminal", I am not able to use the same API to extract the host id for "Appfolio Screenings NBD criminal". How can I extract the host id for "Appfolio Screenings NBD criminal" or "Appfolio Screenings NBD Eviction"?
  3. I would like to know if it is possible to add an SDT to a health check nested under another health check in LogicMonitor. How can I find out the host id of one of the healthchecks so that I can add an SDT using a web URL like,<host_id_here>&id=0&type=1&year=2016&month=5&day=3&hour=6&minute=30&endYear=2016&endMonth=5&endDay=3&endHour=6&endMinute=45