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  1. Greetings all, I thought someone would have asked this, but unable to find anything via search

    Is there an API path that can be used to add a AWS Cloud account?

    I currently can fully spin up a new AWS account, provision collectors etc, but I can't seem to find a way to add the AWS account and populate the created IAM Role into LogicMonitor. Unless I'm missing something in the swagger/docs.

    Anyone know if this is supported?


  2. I’d be interested in this as well, has this been implemented? The only other option I can think of is to not alert on host down datapoint but that would reduce my systems reliability and not give me a whole picture of monitoring system status. We’ve been having issues where collectors stop collecting for periods of time each day, and will get 100+ alerts for every down device a collector has and is increasing alert fatiguez

  3. I have been using a Powershell script for a while now that used Batch Script (to not use as much collector resources as my company has TONS of App Pools per box)

    This links Win32_PerfRawData_PerfProc_Process with Win32_Process using the process ID for discovery. Instead of having an ugly instance name (W3WP#1,W3WP#2 etc) it now will display the AppPool name from the command line.

    We recycle AppPools nightly. This will run discovery every hour as it stands although, the collection uses instance ID ,matching the Command line so no holes in the data


    LM Exchange ID: 2WHYY4

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  4. Is there any plan to allow collectors to receive statd metrics? My current use case is for monitoring consul telemetry. Consul only exposes telemetry metrics via statsd/statsite streaming. I could create some wonky home brew parsing/ingestion with a script based datasource, but I'd rather not have such a large project to upkeep in my monitoring stack


    I've been using LM for over 2 years, made tons of custom datasources but not being able to stream metrics like this is the one thing that's been bothering me from the get-go. Currently I have this running on a Prometheus instance just for consul but I really want to keep my single pane of glass

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  5. An important note that some coworkers of mine missed is you need to add the Fabric interconnects. Which is what the snap traffics through


    Attempting to add the management IP as my coworkers did leads to nothing being pulled


    We have 6 seperate pods now polling correctly, since we have HA FIs, each pod has 2 devices, the primary and secondary FI


    Hope this helps anyone else that isn't 100% familiar with UCS