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  1. jamiemurphyit

    Datapoint - Metric type - counter - without "rate/sec math"

    Thanks for that. Its a bit fustrating to have to work backwords though and also have to round off the decimal points you end up with. is there any plans to make this a native option. Eg derive with no rate math?
  2. I would like to request an option when saving a datapoint of not having rate/sec math on counters / derive type datapoints. I have multiple custom datasources where I am trying to store the difference between two polls but the rate/sec math messes with this.
  3. jamiemurphyit

    LogicModule Development Recipes

    Id love to see some documentation on the "com.santaba.agent.groovyapi.http" library. For example how can we make it ignore https certificates.
  4. jamiemurphyit

    custom speed for interfaces

    Can you give some examples of what ActualSpeed should be set to? Is it bits? bytes?
  5. We have had the issue where we are performing maintenance and temporary setups have been autodiscovered that should not have been which start alerting once SDT on the device has finished. EG temporary online network ports getting monitored and some https interfaces that are normally disabled getting monitored because they were enabled during maintenance and auto discovery found them
  6. jamiemurphyit

    UTC Timezone - No Country labeling

    I would like to be able to set our account to UTC. Right now we use UTC+-0 Dublin. This causes some users to think this is the dublin timezone (for 6 months of the year with DST that is correct. for the other six months it causes confusion). When set to the current UTC 0 Dublin setting alerts then show GMT in their date time string :-/ Can we please get an option for UTC with no mention of countrys / Citys or GMT?
  7. jamiemurphyit

    Dashboard Sharing – An Inline Framing Method

    Will this work where SSO is enforced? If not, is there a way to make this work?
  8. jamiemurphyit

    CDP Neighbors DataSource

    @David Bond (LM) I wrote something like this a year ago with a slightly bigger ambition. It pulls the list of CDP neighbours but then on the 10 minute poll it runs a groovy script to check if the CDP neighbour exists in LM and sets off a warning if not. This made it much easier to find unmonitored devices
  9. jamiemurphyit

    Graphics Card Monitoring

    This could be useful for bitcoin miners
  10. jamiemurphyit

    Radius authentication monitoring?

    Actually have this issue myself. Working around it by using radtest on a linux collector and dropping to cli with expect commands to execute the radtest commands. On the note of ISE have you found any good snmp OID's to poll for ISE specific health?
  11. jamiemurphyit

    DHCP Pool Percent In Use

    @sawyer.lef what is this for? cisco, juniper etc?
  12. jamiemurphyit

    snmp indexing

    @mnagel I havnt tried it but LM documented their SNMP library a bit more. this example shows how you can break down the command which should allow you to override and use the index feature https://github.com/logicmonitor/monitoring-recipes/blob/master/Groovy/SNMP/Groovy_SNMP.groovy https://github.com/logicmonitor/monitoring-recipes/blob/master/Groovy/SNMP/Groovy_SNMP_V3.groovy
  13. jamiemurphyit

    custom speed for interfaces

    Ive actually been working on this problem myself but with a bit of a hack. adding a special string to all "circuit" interface descriptions which also contains a parsable "speed". A new datasource then looks for interfaces across all snmp devices for interfaces with that "string" in the description. Once found that parsed speed is used as the reference speed instead of the interface speed on the new datasource.
  14. jamiemurphyit

    snmp indexing

    @mnagel Can you explain the issue a bit more? maybe give some specific OID's as an example. Ive done a lot of custom groovy (snmp) based scripts that reference across multiple mibs and oid's without issue across both v2c and v3 snmp
  15. jamiemurphyit

    Dependencies or Parent/Child Relationships

    Please Please give an update and roadmap around this. I really dont care if its automatic or manual work. I NEED to be able to set parent and child relationships on devices ASAP