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  1. We would like to know if we can enable push notifications in LM mobile app. Push notifications look like SMS text messages and mobile alerts, but they only reach users who have installed your app.
  2. Any updates on this ? This is an important feature which everyone is looking for, kindly look into this on high priority.
  3. We have requirement of setting SDT to some servers which are in different time zones. The current time zone setting is portal-wide, so it is not based on group of devices as we require. This would be a very welcome feature for any companies that have sites in multiple timezones, suggest LM should look into this and implement this feature on priority.
  4. We have alert from alert logic which is monitoring the servers, Alert : " Excessive Windows Failed Logins " because we have configured the collector on server which inside the domain and monitoring the few Non-domain windows servers (work group), logic monitor is trying to fetch data with domain credentials and if it fails then it tries with local credentials (WMI USER and WMI PASS) so there is are thousands of rejected or invalid windows logs generated when each time LM tries to fetch data from Non-Domain servers. These rejected sessions create alerts, so LM has to deeply look into these kind of issues and address them with better solution,as on date there is no solution for this except that we have to install additional collector on ND server and monitor ND servers.
  5. Yes, We are looking for specific date ranges.Where we need to know the total downtime for outages due to schedule maintenance and as well unexpected outages for specific date ranges.
  6. Need feature to generate Downtime: We need to generate downtime time report ,down time report should include all reboots scheduled and unexpected reboots,outages,etc.