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  1. I have no idea how that happened -- I submitted them way back before LM Exchange (beta) provided that capability. Sounds like a glitch in the repository system....
  2. Sometimes it would be nice to create section labels within dashboards. For example, since you cannot show multiple website ping statistics in one graph, I group them by columns and would like to add a column label. You can add a text widget, but it takes way too much vertical space. Similarly, may be nice to have sections with boundaries and background color fill to visually group various widgets.
  3. I never really received any useful information, but there are two different things that are not documented: * MEMCACHE method in datasources * memcache JAR in the LM agent/lib directory For the latter, I did figure out it is this one by examining the ToC: com.danga.MemCached I have had more difficulty tracking down official documentation on that than I would expect (though I am sure it is out there). I have found some useful examples, so will see if I can actually leverage the library.
  4. Yes, that would help. Still not same as saved searches as we can never delegate creation of dynamic groups to users and dynamic groups can only be defined for resources, not for websites or collectors. Allowing creation of taxonomic groups (not related to security) would help as well as long as RBAC could allow managing members without granting special resource access or allow manipulation of the group itself. It is just one of the nuts and bolts issues that create walls for us all the time. Like UI lists randomly lacking search functions or not being able to avoid alerts for clustered reso
  5. Thinking about this more, what is needed is a facility to define saved searches along with the ability to apply actions (like SDT) to those searches (or to multiple items in general). OSS tools like Thruk do this very well (though I don't recall it supported saved searches last time I used it, but you could reference a search as a permalink IIRC). In my experience with LM to date, nuts and bolts operational issues like this that impact everyone get too little attention as the more sexy things like Kubernetes and cloud monitoring seem to draw all the development resources. I really would lik
  6. We thought we came up with a trick to deal with letting our clients manage maintenance on many different devices. The idea was, create a group they can manage and let them add those devices to the group, then schedule maintenance and update as needed. Alas, RBAC prevents this, primarily because it lacks the ability to distinguish using groups for grouping from using groups for security. Because the users don't have manage on the devices (intentionally), they cannot add them to a group. If we could allow them to add to a non-security group, it would potentially fix this. I'm sure other opt
  7. And see that there is a no-data alert set on a datapoint in the tuning screen (requested previously and definitely related to this). Right now it requires module diving to even know it is set. This suggestion would definitely help there, but seeing it is set is also important.
  8. FWIW, this has no graphs defined, which may be desired. I was dealing with a bit of a fire drill at the time. That said, all the DPs are boolean, so not that big of a problem.
  9. Can't attach XML or even text, but there's more than one way to do it :). Thanks, Mark
  10. We found out the hard way this past weekend that the current NetApp DS suite is missing a crucial check for cluster member health. You can deploy it from here (once the code is reviewed -- hopefully quickly as it is just a clone with a different query and datapoint set). FJTRGL
  11. Please add HtmlUnit ( to allow for more sophisticated web page interaction, including JavaScript evaluation. Right now any pages with JavaScript are impenetrable. I know it is in theory possible to add this ourselves, but it is a painful process that must be done on each collector. Much easier if included to begin with. Or please add a facility to allow deployment of new libraries within Settings. Perhaps not fully dynamic like Grapes, but something along those lines would be very helpful.
  12. The problem with most of the web-only options is the upload speed test is either nonexistent or very inaccurate. The speedtest-cli client is not supported and does not use the same protocols normally used by Ookla tests. I have not tried the SpeedOfMe API yet, so not sure if it is better or worse, but would hope they account for running it similarly to interactive conditions. I also just found Ookla now has a supported CLI option, which looks hopeful. Seems like it needs a license for commercial use, though.
  13. Yeah, I have that working, at least from Linux collectors (with puppet ensuring package deployed). Not ideal and not terribly accurate. I checked again just now for better options and found; trying that to see how well it may work. Not free, but not terribly costly either.
  14. mnagel


    Have you tried using SSO? I have not tried it with Duo, but works fine with Okta. See for SAML integration info.
  15. I don't think so, but perhaps. global status should have current statistics and variables should have static settings. Could be wrong, of course. As far as the DP versus property issue, yeah, I have run into this before. We wanted to be able to reference a property in widgets and you simply can't, so we had to create a datapoint from the property (this is to be able to display resource commit usage for our clients). So, we have a DS applied to collectors that only has complex groovy datapoints with the value ##property## for each. Rough edges :).
  16. Either way, but a property has the advantage of being able to be referenced in alert messages, so sure :). If you want to reference it for percentage utilization, I think it still needs to be a DP as well.
  17. Or, you could not add SSH overhead and just use a query :). MariaDB [(none)]> show variables like '%conn%'; +-----------------------------------------------+-----------------+ | Variable_name | Value | +-----------------------------------------------+-----------------+ | character_set_connection | utf8 | | collation_connection | utf8_general_ci | | connect_timeout | 10 | | default_master_connection | | | extra_m
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    You really really do not want to do this. Within the debugger, you can do very dangerous things, like run ad-hoc Powershell as domain admin, and change pretty much anything within the system. IMO, debugger access should be more restricted not less.
  19. CSM is Tim C. I have not brought this to him yet, trying to use "correct" channels. This issue is closing in on bug territory, but not quite there. I normally open tickets for actual bugs.
  20. We use groups extensively to manage resource downtime (I have a different F/R in regarding that as we cannot simultaneously grant access to the group for contents management without also exposing the group itself to damage). The problem here is cross-type SDT. Consider that a site outage may involve resources down, cross-site website checks down and collectors down, perhaps others. We need to in one fell swoop be able to mark all related elements in SDT without having to track them down through all the dark corners of the UI. As someone noted, this could be handled by an API script, but tha
  21. Unfortunately it has gotten no attention (or it has, it has been silent) and our clients (and us) are continually frustrated by missing things for simple "I want to set this location in downtime" when the concept of location spans many different elements, including resources, websites and collectors. As mentioned, an API script can be written, but this is not something we can give to clients.
  22. Trying to get feedback from support on how to use the undocumented memcached capability in LM -- if that is successful, then that will probably be how I proceed with API caching. Unfortunately, this means that collectors will need to have memcached installed (or available on the network). For me, this is easy with puppet for Linux collectors. In theory also for Windows, but in practice I will not be able to do that as LM is piggybacked on client servers. Again, would sure be nice if LM provided an integrated key/value store (in the feature request graveyard for a couple of years, sadly). A
  23. Found a bug in the CVSS score datapoint extraction, fixed in Version 1.1.0. Still working on options for caching API calls to minimize call load. ELTR4T
  24. Please add flash contents tracking to standard LMConfig modules. Ideally, also many other elements ala RANCID. Don't know if you would get in trouble just for getting ideas from the code, but there are a lot of useful commands RANCID tracks (
  25. Another use case -- currently eventsources are of limited use due to lack of correlation/counting. For script-base eventsources, you could at least use a k/v store to detect the same event and extend its lifetime and update a counter in the k/v store. Not perfect, but it is impossible now so this would be an improvement.