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  1. Does this only effect ESXi hosts directly added; or ESXi hosts monitored underneath a vCenter added to logicmonitor?
  2. Today, I can get CPU Ready by Virtual Machine which is good. It would be better to see this at an ESXi host or ESXi cluster level, but it is not in the datasource.
  3. I am working with the built in Cisco_UCS_FaultTable datasource. This reads in a fault table, and generates instances for each entry in the alert table on the device automatically and sets the severity as an integer. Some of the Cisco set severities are poor, and need to be tuned. I normally would go to the group in LogicMonitor containing the devices, and then go to alert tuning tab, and add a new alert threshold. I cannot do that here, because I do not want to adjust ALL instances that come from the fault table datasource, and I cannot tune alerts on instances that do not exist. I
  4. This would be extremely valuable! If a server is not able to be pinged for instance, if it could be set to suppress all other alerts for the device until it became accessible would greatly reduce alert spam. Serversalive and others as mentioned have this capability. Is their an official feature request form that can be submitted to from customers? Thanks.