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  1. Option 2 is a great idea. Being notified when a data source update has been posted will stop the constant sifting through to see if there have been any updates/improvements. As a heads up we still use the 'old' LogicModules / Datasources interface a lot to add modules as it is quicker and simpler to find what we need and apply them. As I suspect has been well covered in other customer comments the current 'Exchange' UI needs some improvement.
  2. Would be really keen to know if there has been any developments within LM in terms of bring a UK and EU monitoring station online in the future? Failing that how about being able to have a mix of the public and internal checkpoints assigned to the same Website check in the future - or some mechanism so we can collate and graph their respective results on the same widget? thanks
  3. I have a need to design a table with 2x columns using the "percentage bars" with data points from differing Data Sources. Currently the table widget only allows "percentage bars" to work on "Dynamic" tables and "Dynamic" tables only allow you to pull data points from a single Data Source. Can the "Percentage bars" feature be added to "Custom" tables... or.. can "Dynamic" tables be enhanced to allow data points from multiple Data Sources?
  4. There are a few possible approaches but think this is definitely an area for expanding by LM - when I've asked the question previously of LM I was directed to this page as a worked example: https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/websites/external-service-checks/monitoring-an-adfs-sso-website/ The other approach is to look at some of the emerging O365 monitoring data sources that use the MS API - the best I've seen so far is this one: http://blog.mikesuding.com/2018/07/19/office365/ If you've found anything better however please post it up as we'd be keen to see it too.
  5. I understand LM are working on a 'refresh' of Websites in LM in 2019 but would appreciate any info on what is planned? We make big use of the website functionality in LM and need to be able to dashboard website data.
  6. No... but if you get any responses please let me know too Keen to monitor these too. Thanks Dave
  7. @Sarah Terry Just to second what Joe said above "Is it possible to have a mix of the public and internal checkpoints assigned to the same Website check in the future?" - this would be a big step forward for us too unless LM are going to open new Checkpoint locations in the near future (in the UK / Europe region). thanks
  8. Hi Sarah, thanks for the swift response, apologies but let me explain our need more clearly... We need to perform website checks from the internet from multiple locations. While LM has 6 internet locations only 1 is close to the UK and the more remote sites appear unreliable. We can only set a single timeout/download time to cover all monitoring locations but even at 30,000ms we still find that we are getting drops and false alarms. Having a number of reliable checkpoint locations is crucial for us so we can protect against false positives and can obtain a reliable reading of how responsive a site actually is. So we were wondering if LM intend to open any further checkpoint locations in the near future - hopefully in the UK or Europe ideally? The [only] alternative we have currently is to build out our own "Collector virtual machines" in data centres around the UK and Europe and use the "Internal Web Check" functionality as you say.
  9. Would LM consider adding more Checkpoint locations in the UK or Europe please? As a UK customer we get poor response times from Sydney and Singapore from the UK. US locations also are not ideal. Could we also have a feature to add our own LM Collectors as checkpoint locations too please?
  10. Hi, There are native LM data sources that you can import to monitor Meraki MR APs reporting to the Meraki Cloud right out of the box. We followed this to implement and it works well ! https://www.logicmonitor.com/support/monitoring/networking-firewalls/meraki-cloud-wireless-access-controllers/ Is this what you're after? Thanks Dave
  11. We have a use case to show "Response Times" from a subset of configured Websites. Ideally I'd like this to be in the Big Number widget. We also want to able to chart a subset of my Websites' response times over time in the Chart widget. Anyone found a useful workaround to achieve this? Would LM consider "upgrading" widgets to allow the presentation of Website data? Currently only the SLA widget seems capable of handling Website data.
  12. Agree this is a point of pain for us too. If a VM or cluster resource has an issue LM (rightly?!) reports alarms from every node in the cluster. A mechanism to dedupe alarms from cluster resources would be appreciated.
  13. We'd like the ability to illustrate a data center "rack" physically on a dashboard. In simplest terms we'd like to be able to custom sort and arrange items in a single column NOC Widget to represent hardware in a rack. The current sorting options on this Widget don't allow this (alphabetical or alert severity). Ideally we'd really like a new "Rack" widget into which I can drop in devices in the appropriate "U" locations giving an instant rack health overview capability on a dashboard. Longer term LM could take this further and have a free-form dashboard Widget/container onto which users can drop networking devices and "connectors" to mock up an indicative network schema. The above ideas would give users visibility of rack and network health in a more meaningful and intuitive notation.
  14. Hi, Does anyone know if there is any capability to be able to label or alias interfaces on switches / firewalls / servers etc yet? Thanks