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  1. We also need this feature. In my opinion this is central to the reason to use LogicMonitor. I want my Discovery Tool (LM) to tell me what is out there, rather than relying on a human to manually key in the correct information. I was actually really surprised when told I couldn't do this. The data is there, as I can view all devices associated with a datasource today, it shouldn't be a big effort to allow the dynamic grouping based on that data that already exists. Please make this a priority as it takes a lot of manual effort to discover "All IIS", print a list, and have someone manually set properties to all the devices.
  2. I am trying to monitor our website and validate a test account can log in successfully. The site uses Form Based authentication (not Basic or NTLM). So I need to somehow POST the login credentials to another webservice and have the info sent back. Problem is the authentication web service page is on a different URL domain. Step 1: Navigate to http//:www.abc.com and validate splash page Step 2: "Get /login.aspx" (takes me to http://www.abc.com/login.aspx) Step 3: POST User/Pass & *probably* cookie session info from Step 2 to https://idt.abc.com/authenticate Step 4: Get the "login successfully" response from idt.abc.com and validate page Seems once i create a Web Service can only define 1 domain (i.e. www.abc.com), so I have not way to make the secondary call to the webservice to authenticate that login..at the different domain idt.abc.com Any way to do this with LogiMonitor Services? Thanks