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  1. Thanks a lot for the swift reply. I noticed the multi-instance box, but indeed it was greyd-out. I will try this appoach and create a new version of the datasource, making it multi instance and see how I can query something that indicates the various instances. Beside that i will have to look into the BatchScript. We are indeed a MSP and the script will definitly run on one of our own collectors, providing the results only on the specific customer dashboards.
  2. Hi, I created a datasource which runs a script with a bunch of parameters to retreive acual cloud usage& costs for our customers. Currently this script is running on the collector in the customers environment and working fine. But I would like to centralize these data collections 1 single place. I would like to have multiple instances from my script running on 1 system,. Based on the name of the instance I can retreive all the parameters from a parameter file. How can I make multiple instances of my script? Thanks a lot! Jeroen