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  1. Any further updates on how LM has, or will, be " making our Azure monitoring more comprehensive."? Seems like LM is very heavy on AWS and very light on Azure. We are more invested in Azure and need more built in capabilities and documentation focused on Azure, including services like Office 365. Thanks.
  2. Currently the graph options for Widget includes three was to "Limit Results". The are "Top 10", Aggregate, All. There are times when I want to display the "Bottom 10". For example the lowest 10 CPU devices, or the 10 least available devices, etc. It would be GREAT to have a Bottom 10" option in the Limit Results parameter. Thanks.
  3. While viewing a list of Alerts, I would like the Value field to be clickable / sortable, exactly the same all of the other column values in the Alert list. I was surprised when I discovered this field cold not be sorted. Use case 1 - I am looking at Alerts for Disk Volume usage. I want to sort on value to focus on the volumes with the least amount of free space (or most amount of used space). Use Case 2 - I am looking at Alerts for CPU utilization. I want to sort on value to focus on the processors with the highest utilization Thank You. Todd
  4. If anyone is wondering what the DHCP scope monitor should do - here is some a suggestions. Use a Datasouce to identify that a Windows server is running DHCP Retrieve the scopes that exist Retrieve the number of IP addresses in the scope range ass well as the number of unassigned IP addresses Create a threshold for an alarm if # unassigned IP addresses is below a specified value or the % of devices that are unassigned drops below a specified %. Graph scope #, assigned #, unassigned # Or something like that. Todd
  5. Coincidentally I was just looking for the same thing. How can I monitor the progress to get some DHCP scope monitoring capabilities?
  6. I do NOT see the dashboard Title when in full screen mode. Was this working in a prior version? Maybe it got "removed" as a feature with the recent Dashboard UI upgrades. I would VERY much like to see this. When rotating through multiple dashboards the title is CRITICAL for viewers to quickly identify what they are looking at. Thanks.
  7. As we have implemented LogicMonitor we have worked to stabilize and tune alerts as well as to remediate real problems identified by alerts. To track this progress we wanted to graph the alerts overtime. We sort the alerts into several categories such as severity, group, device. To do this we have to create a detailed report, pull the data into Excel and create pivot tables and pivot charts. Create alert trend charts in LogicMonitor reports, directly, would be a valuable tool for teams working to drive down the alert counts. Attached is a simple graph we have created multiple times in