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  1. Sarah Terry

    Swagger Doc help adding a customProperty to a device

    @Cole McDonald @Joe Tran we will improve the documentation for this endpoint - thanks!
  2. Thanks for the request @Joe Tran! The id for the group the property was inherited from is returned if you hit the properties endpoint directly - e.g. /device/devices/ID/properties (there is an object in the response called 'inheritList'). We can look into including this information in the list response as well if you think that'd be helpful.
  3. Sarah Terry

    Device graph data

    @Soma Sekhar I think the issue here is the graph Id - in the API response you included, the graph legends do not match the legends in the image. So the graph Id in the request must not be the right one. You can make a GET request to /device/devices/{deviceID}/devicedatasources/{deviceDataSourceID} To see all graph Ids.
  4. Sarah Terry

    Device graph data

    @Soma Sekhar can you provide an image of the graph you're trying to get data for? It looks like the request was successful, and that the graph itself just doesn't have data.
  5. Sarah Terry

    AWS Neptune Datasource Request

    Hi @Jay - Thanks for the request! We should be able to easily add out of the box support for AWS Neptune. I'll add it to the queue for an upcoming release. In the meantime, you can add your Neptune graph db instances into LM manually & grab the CloudWatch metrics per these instructions.
  6. Sarah Terry

    Rest API and Powershell

    Hi @Cole McDonald - Have you seen our PowerShell examples here: You may need to add a line to use TLS 1.2: <# Use TLS 1.2 #> [Net.ServicePointManager]::SecurityProtocol = [Net.SecurityProtocolType]::Tls12 Let us know if that doesn't fix it! Thanks, Sarah
  7. Sarah Terry

    Password exposed by error message

    Thanks for reporting this @Mosh - we will address ASAP
  8. Good catch @Joe Tran! We should be able to break out the listener count into a separate DataSource that applies to each ELB.
  9. Sarah Terry

    Alert Report

    Hi @Ashwini - Yes, there is a limit of 30,000 alerts per Alert report, and the report should indicate that you've hit the limit. The best way to get more alerts, is to run multiple reports with different criteria (e.g. by group, or a few groups at a time).
  10. Sarah Terry

    REST API - Export Dashboards

    @nrichards Yes! The resources & methods are all auto-documented on this page:
  11. @mnagel We can definitely update documentation to make that clearer - thanks for the feedback!
  12. @mnagel LM Service Insight is an add-on feature - I've just enabled a trial of it for your account, so you should see it now.
  13. Sarah Terry

    REST API - Export Dashboards

    @nrichards Yes! You can use v2 of the API to GET /dashboard/dashboards/ID?template=true, and the response is a JSON export of the dashboard (the same content you'd get from exporting the dashboard from the UI). Let us know if this doesn't solve your problem.
  14. @mnagel Alerting on data aggregated across multiple hosts is now supported with LM Service Insight (released yesterday). More info on these pages:
  15. Sarah Terry

    Device Group membership

    @Tanvir devices already have a property system.staticgroups that can be used to match group membership in a custom query. Additionally, properties set at the group level will be inherited by the devices within that group.