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  1. how to concatenate two properties

    Hi @Ye Tao - You should remove the second ? character, so the URL looks like this:,id Let me know if that doesn't work. Thanks, Sarah
  2. Tracking null system.category

    @Dan_Wood You should be able to check for devices with an empty system.categories property using this dynamic group query: !system.categories
  3. API call for collector versions

    @mhashemi the GET /setting/collectors operation will already return the version for each Collector in the response (via the 'build' field). Is this sufficient for your use case?
  4. v106 breaks Get Widget Data API

    @PatrickATL this issue was specific to filtering requests to the alerts resource, and was fixed across all accounts already
  5. Utilize all data found in AWS Cost and Usage reports

    @Jesse Hester it's in the queue, but we haven't gotten to it yet (currently working on some larger features you'll be seeing soon ). I don't currently have an ETA, but I'll post back once we have a better idea of when we'll be able to get to this.
  6. Hi @Jesse Hester, Thanks for posting. The billing discovery certainly shouldn't be taking 4 hours! We can do some testing to see if we can reproduce, and optimize. If you set it up for another account & it takes long, I'd suggest reaching out to support so we can try and determine what is going wrong. If you haven't already, I'd suggest using the Cost By Tag DataSource as well (which is in our repository by default, but does require a small amount of configuration - see this page). We'll also make sure to update the API example for adding an AWS group. Thanks, Sarah
  7. Disable datasources at group level via API

    Hi @RyanT, Thanks for posting. Enabling / disabling DataSources at the group level would require a PUT request to the following resource: /device/groups/{groupID}/datasources/{dataSourceID}. We can publish the ability to do this in the next few releases. Thanks, Sarah
  8. Creating EventSource from REST API

    Thanks for posting @Joshua Knorr! Can you explain more about your use case for creating EventSources as a part of a CI/CD pipeline?
  9. v106 breaks Get Widget Data API

    @Mosh sorry for any inconvenience this caused. We try to avoid these mistakes, but the benefit of SaaS is such that we can usually correct quickly when they do happen.
  10. Utilize all data found in AWS Cost and Usage reports

    @Jesse Hester thanks for posting! We can look into adding an improvement to backfill monitored month-to-date costs for the available reports - how far back would you be looking for data upon enablement (e.g. current month? last 3 months?)?
  11. Logic Monitor Collector for Docker Windows

    Hi @Joe Tran, No concrete plans on this one yet. Are you looking for a Windows Docker Collector so you can monitor both Windows & Linux? Thanks, Sarah
  12. Fetching widget Data : for last one day

    Hi @vishal, You can use our API to get data for a particular widget: Thanks, Sarah
  13. API - Device Data Aggregation

    Thanks for posting! Can you provide more context around what your use case is for wanting the aggregated data?
  14. getGraphImage REST API call

    Hi @beakynb, It's not currently planned, but we can definitely consider supporting those widget types for the graph image API in a future release. Thanks, Sarah
  15. Audit Log Enhancement for API Activity

    Thanks for the info @stuart.vassey and @Josh Selinger - we should be able to make some improvements to api records in the audit log to help with this.