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  1. Filter AWS Services

    @S P That is in the works We're adding a "filter operation" to the tag filters that will allow you to make them behave as include or exclude filters.
  2. Get a list of alerts REST API

    Thanks for the response @ES_CW - I'll get something in the pipeline for the or operator.
  3. Get a list of alerts REST API

    @ES_CW it might be easier to filter requests based on time range instead (eg via something like filter=startEpoch>t1) - would that work for you? Currently the filter logic connects multiple values with an AND, which is why multiple IDs isn't working. We can look into adding the ability to connect with OR as well.
  4. Regarding ECS monitoring per service, a local Collector isn't required. We've added a DataSource in the past few months that discovers services as instances, more here:
  5. @Matt Gauthier Thanks for the info - we'll look into this. In the meantime, perhaps you can just add logic to retry the request if the response status code is 429 (which will be returned if the request is unsuccessful because of rate limiting).
  6. Bulk rename/append name of devices

    Hi @WillFulmer, This is possible with our REST API. The implementation will be quite similar to Example 3 on this page: (which iterates through all devices that meet a certain criteria and changes their preferred Collector). The only changes you need to make to the script are: (1) you'll instead want to set the filter such that only devices in the group Client A are targeted, and (2) change the display name for each device instead of the Collector id. Thanks, Sarah
  7. Create role for API only user

    @Jeffrey McGovern we've added the ability to do this with v99
  8. This improvement is included with v99, which should be completely rolled out by the end of the week.
  9. Need help with a GLOB expression

    @Mosh Try this: Infrastructure Services/Primary/EMEA/!(Network Services|Network Services/*) This should include all devices except those in the Network Services group and those in groups under Network Services
  10. Updated AWS EC2 ScheduledEvents

    @Brandon we're adding the ability to filter those events out based on ILPs. So with v99 we're adding ILPs for scheduled events (one of which details the status of the event), and with one of the following releases we'll add the ability to perform AD filtering for the EC2 Scheduled Events DataSource based on those ILPs. This will allow you to filter out events once they've taken place. Will this work for your use case?
  11. Custom Alert-Groups for SDT

    Hi Dave, We're working on an upcoming feature that will allow grouping together an application set to enable a more service-oriented approach to alerting and monitoring. The ability to set an SDT on this group, as described in the example you've provided, should be included. We'll provide additional updates once we've made more progress. Thanks, Sarah
  12. REST API - Get device history

    Hi, There is a resource for requesting DataSource history, but we haven't published it yet. We will get it into the queue for an upcoming release. Thanks, Sarah
  13. Get LM DeviceGroup Properties REST API

    Hi Vinusha, If you're trying to get device group id using the device group name, you can make a request like this: GET /device/groups?filter=name~"NAME" And the 'id', first field in the items object (as you've noted) is the group id. You can restrict the fields returned in the response using the 'fields' query parameter as well. You can also get device group id by filtering the request by property, like this: GET /device/groups?fields=customProperties,name,id&,customProperties.value:customerA This request will return the customProperties, name and id of groups that have a property set to customerA. Does this help with what you're trying to do? Thanks, Sarah
  14. getGraphImage rest call

    This should make it into the release after next (v100)
  15. SQL CLuster Alerting

    Hi Ryan, We're currently working on a feature which will provide more service-oriented monitoring / alerting capabilities, which should work well for your use case. We don't have any specifics re timing yet, but we'll keep you updated as we get closer. Thanks, Sarah