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  1. @mnagel Great Work! I incorporated your changes into my current version and it's working.
  2. Good Morning All, For anyone looking to monitor Zerto replication jobs via LogicMonitor we have this PowerShell based batchscript datasource. I hope you find it useful; 6477DR from the LM Exchange. These are the collected data points: ActualRPO IOPS LogicMonitorScriptTime Priority ProtectedEntities ProvisionedStorageInMB RecoveryEntities SourceEntities Status SubStatus TargetEntities UsedStorageInMB These are the calculated data points based upon those collected: ProvisionedStorageInGB UsedStorageInGB Please respond with any questions. Respectfully, Alejandro Esmael
  3. Updated: 9WMFE7 = Synology Disk Status (Individual disk failures and temperatures) (now with Graphs!)
  4. Greetings All, I came up with a few additional Synology datasources and a property source since I realized I was without this information. Let me know if you find them useful. I'm still exploring other SNMP data available via the Synology platform. Please note you must add the system.categories "synology" in addition to whatever else may be present (snmp,TCPUDP,etc.) as I haven't yet successfully configured the SNMP SysOID Maps for Synology devices; any assistance here would be greatly appreciated. F4T3CX = Synology Disk Status (Individual disk failures and temperatures) R977RE = Synology DiskStation Manager software upgrade availability PR4DGP = PropertySource for gathering and displaying Model, Serial, and DSM Version in the info tab. Respectfully, Alejandro Esmael
  5. Greetings All, I personally am very interested in this endeavor and find it useful to not only the customer community but the datasource/logicmodule development team(s) as well. Align
  6. Dear LogicMonitor Team, Greetings. I searched through the forums for a similar request and I apologize if I did not find one previous to this. After continuous use of LogicMonitor with an integration, it has been determined that in the event an alert is generated before SDT is enabled, if the alert should clear the SDT prevents that update from being passed into the ticketing system. This means that there is no notification, nor confirmation, of an issue being cleared during or after an SDT window. What could be implemented to address this issue is a simple toggle switch, in the global settings page, to allow for clear notifications of alerts to be enabled even during SDT. This would allow any situation in which an issue occurs before SDT and generates notifications to also be followed up with the clear condition even during an active SDT window. I would imagine that in many environments, this would be beneficial. I thank the team in advance for consideration of this request. Respectfully, Alejandro Esmael Align