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  1. Widget exceeds the instance limit

    This limit was raised to 2000 a while ago. I think sometime in 2017. In general we suggest you change the configuration to break it up into groups that have fewer than 2000 instances. Feel free to add comments to this thread with your use case and request to have this increased and to what (reasonable) number.
  2. SQL Results Table Display

    I posted the demo video for the DataSource here. I will also submit it to the 'LM Exchange'
  3. Just in case this helps other customers... SYMPTOMS: The Windows collector installed ok and the two Collector services were running but the collector could not finish the verification/registration step and showing the 'flame alert' on Settings > Collectors screen. After some troubleshooting, we looked in the wrapper.log file on the collector and saw this error message: [MSG] [CRITICAL] [main::controller:main] [AgentHttpService.checkCertificateOrWait2Valid:1029] The santaba server is not trusted, and "EnforceLogicMonitorSSL" is enabled. Wait 1 minute to retry. Please check the network settings, or disable "EnforceLogicMonitorSSL" in agent.conf and restart collector The customer set up a whitelist on their Palo Alto firewall for *.logicmonitor.com and it started working (or list of ~15 IP address ranges). Alternatively you can lower security and change the agent.conf (config file) from EnforceLogicMonitorSSL=true to false.
  4. SQL Results Table Display

    @Athique Ahmed, I'm seriously considering making a DataSource that runs any SQL query and shows the resulting table in a 'text' dashboard widget (in HTML). Would that help you? Currently the text widget is limited to 65,535 characters so it would be ~10 columns wide by 200 rows (depending on how much is in each 'cell') But, in general, @Mike Moniz is correct in that LM is mostly designed to retrieving a single number every X minutes and graphing that over time. LM config could run a SQL query and get the results but there's no dashboard widget to show the resulting config.
  5. Windows Patches needed

    N7R7YZ See details on my blog . A DataSource that shows which Windows patches are needed. The patch names, and KB numbers show as instances and are grouped by Microsoft's 'classifications'. A special instance named 'summary' shows how many days since the last patch was installed and how many patches are needed.
  6. Office 365 monitoring

    Yes...If you can't add an application manually, I would guess you don't have an account that supports it or you don't have enough permissions.
  7. Office 365 monitoring

    This is unofficial...On my own and on the side, I designed a DataSource to monitor Office 365 using Microsoft's API. See more on my blog http://blog.MikeSuding.com. All the usual disclaimers apply...use at your own risk. I will try to help if it doesn't work for you.
  8. Cisco UCS CIMC Datasource

    You can get more DataSources (one of the LogicModules) from our repository. See my video below. (Hint: 'Add' button > From Repository) https://share.vidyard.com/watch/y1U8WvALZf5E4giT2t3AgD
  9. Cisco UCS CIMC Datasource

    I'm pretty sure we already have that. I helped a prospective customer set that up last week. You might need to set a category or property. Please contact our tech support. I can help if needed. This category can be set manually or it can be set automatically based on the SNMP SysOID.
  10. Ad-hoc script running

    Just an idea....A few years ago I created a DataSource (PowerShell script) that detects IF/WHEN CPU is over 90% (or whatever you specify) and if it is, it gets the top 5 processes and user. http://blog.mikesuding.com/index.php/2015/11/07/windows-top-5/
  11. Sometimes people want to be notified immediately (sooner than a daily report) when certain things happen in their LogicMonitor account; for example: adding/deleting devices, adding/deleting users, changing thresholds or datasources. If you don't need to know right away or want them summarized, you should use the existing feature of an Audit Log Report. This EventSource uses a groovy script to do this. You specify one or more of the following properties on the same device where you apply it. I suggest you apply it to the collector since that's where it runs. You specify the severity of the alerts in the value of the properties. How does it work? It looks for specific strings that show in the description column. Other criteria could be added by modifying the script. The locator code is: K32GNY
  12. Alert on specified Audit Log activity

    I am creating an EventSource to alert these certain specified events. I will also look into other types of event. Stay tuned. Send me a PM or email if you are interested in it. Device add = warning Device delete = warning User create = warning User delete = warning User suspend = warning Threshold changed = warning DataSource changed = warning
  13. SDT - nth weekend/day support

    when? v103 which is scheduled for late April 2018
  14. OpsNotes per group

    OpsNotes can be restricted to (View or Manage or none) in User Roles. see screenshot Also, OpsNotes can be set based on Tags and groups of devices or websites see screenshot
  15. VPN monitoring

    Suggestions: If the 'tunnels' DataSource doesn't meet your needs, here's an option. I call it 'mesh ping' It works by using a property called 'ping.targets' on a group of your collectors. It has a comma delimited list of displaynames and IP addresses. Basically each collector pings a device on the other end of the VPN. Below is the short script that builds the list of ping targets (known as 'Active Discovery'. ip_a = hostProps.get("ping.targets"); //ip_a = "google@,gateway@,self@" ip_b = ip_a.split(','); for ( i = 0; i < ip_b.length; i++) { def (name,ip) = ip_b[i].split('@'); println ip+"##"+name+"@"+ip; }