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  1. I would also be interested in this (Rubrik Datasources)
  2. Hey Cole, I work with David, We have been working on tackling the per-customer alert rules as well. If you're interested, we should talk via DM and exchange some ideas.
  3. Hi LM team, I noticed that I can create a Customer Email Delivery Integration within LM to have custom text. This works really well for doing different alerts for each of my customers (which can vary wildly). The only problem I noticed is that the warn/error/critical emails look almost identical to the "clear" emails. I would really like it if I could have a paired integration for clears. This way, I can create custom text for the customer on when something is alerting, and then create something just as custom for when it stops alerting. It can be confusing for customers to differentiate the alerts from the clears. Thanks! Paul
  4. We use shared storage in our VMware environment (and I would think most non-soho environments would as well). We have a problem where if we have a datastore that is shared among all of the hosts, if we want to change a latency threshold (or any other threshold) on this datastore, we have to do it on each host individually (also, in 3 separate datasources, ESX Host, ESX Datastore, and ESX Datastore performance, but thats besides the point). If i have 6 hosts, thats 18 points (3 in each host) that I need to adjust by hand. It would be really nice if I could click on the group of ESXi hosts, expand the "ESX Datastore Performance" datasource, and see every single datastore across the entire cluster. Changing the threshold on one would change the threshold of every datasource with the identical name. For example, if I had esx1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and then datastore1, datastore2, and datastore3 spread across all 5 hosts, I would be able to click on my parent group in LM and go to "ESX Datastore Performance" and adjust the 3 datastores and have those changes propagate to all 5 hosts. I asked support about this and Kurt said the only way to do this currently is to clone the datasource, filter out the new datasource to only be the specific datastore i want, and then filter that out of the existing. While that might work, its still creating a ton of work, and wouldn't scale with a ton of datastores. Thanks!