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  1. Now, when there is problem with SNMP deamon or SNMP communication between collector and monitored server we receive alerts through Disk datasource or uptime datasource. Uptime is acceptable, but Disk datasource is hard to accept. When we have 10 partitions we get spammed by alerts. I think that the best solution would be to disable "No Data" alerts on disk datasources, and create DS which checks OID available on all devices, apply this DS to all SNMP devices and Alert, when we don't get data on that. We will then receive single easily understandable alert instead of a dozen or so meaningless.
  2. Now we can use only "Device Metric Trends" reports, where we cannot put stacked graph. It would be nice to have such possibility,
  3. Without support for those characters we cannot monitor interface traffic on some Windows Servers, some VMware resources and many other things. What do you think about this feature?
  4. I'd like to see something similar to image attached for some services. Do you think that it would be possible?
  5. Now situation looks like that: from one restart to another restart of collector it uses the same UDP source port number for all SNMP requests to monitored device. So it could be 8 hours. I suspect, that it is recognized as a single long lasting session on Palo Alto firewall. This session is sometimes blocked by Palo Alto and cannot be unlocked until next restart of collector. After restart of collector source port number changes, firewall sees new session and everything is OK again. My request is to add the configuration option which will allow us to force collector to change source port number(open new UDP socket(?) ) for each bundle of requests. By bundle I mean for example all queries about used space ona all partitions on the system. After "Collect every" time period the next bundle of request should be sent with another UDP port number to be recognized on firewall as the new session.
  6. It would be nice to be able to choose more columns for the SLA Reports. Now we have only Available(%) and Not Available(Time). I thought about Not Available(%) Available(Time), Monitoring on(%, time) Monitoring off(%, time)
  7. Now forecasting looks like that: http://pasteboard.co/2kAgejCX.png there is a lot of unused space on the left. It would be nice to have Y axis auto adjusted.
  8. Now we have to grant full manage permission to allow user to change date range of the report. I think, that such thing, like changing date/time range should be possible to all users, even to those, who have just view permission to report.
  9. I knew, that users can tune their devices' alerts, but I meant configuring alert rules and escalation chains. Is that possible?
  10. in current version we cannot delegate managing alerts permission to our customer, because every user who have rights to mange alert settings can see everything in alert configuration, not only his staff. We want to be able to allow our customers to manage their own alerts and make them not to see any other customer's rules. chains etc. It is similar to what you've already done with collector's groups.
  11. Now users with less privilages cannot change their passwords. I think that all users regardles of their role should be able to change their password. We think that this is actually some kind of security issue.
  12. We would like to see what was the time of execution of each step. Now we are only able to see the su of whole transaction.
  13. Now I can see something like: 5k or 12k GB on charts. It is 5TB 12 TB. It just look better.
  14. Implement support for polish national charcters ąćęłńóźż, plaese.