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  1. Hi, Can I firstly apologise for the late reply and to those who have contributed to this topic. I'm just getting back to look and this.
  2. This is a question to see if anyone would like a challenge? Higher end APC UPS's typically can be monitored over SNMP, however there are many APC device out there in the Home an Small Business office category that do not support SNMP but do have an USB connection. I have one of these. I have managed to get some simple monitoring of the UPS using Logicmonior, a deamon service called APCUPSD ( and looking at specific window event logs to trigger alerts, Utility Power lost, Comms Lost etc. I found that someone has written a more enhanced monitoring solutio
  3. We are steadily increasing the number of collectors across our managed client base. The current linear list of Collectors is now not easy to see which collectors belong to which client. Can we look at adding a grouping feature to allow Collectors to be shown in the UI in a hierarchy, similar to devices? Also some way to group collector in pairs for failover visibility?
  4. Netflow interface name enhancement: A device where the virtual Ethernet ports are labelled Vethernetxxx (VM description, nic number), however on the netflow tab, only the Vethernetxxx is shown not the whole Vethernetxxx (VM description, nic number) description. Could this be requested as an enhancement so you don’t have to keep flicking between the two tabs? Thanks -------- Simon Tolley
  5. Has only one out there managed to get Logicmonitor to send Alerts to UK mobile numbers? As there are are no free SMS gateways in the UK. For our internal systems we use mediaburst. This company provides various methods to send out SMS messages but our favorite an http POST is not supported, (yet) on Logicmonitor. Any suggetions welcome. Neil