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  1. 3) The existing audit log could have an easy filter to hide API calls and reduce noise this would be very helpfull to toggle it api, or non api. we commonly want to be checking API only or User only Logs.
  2. We are looking for Poll Forinet Ap's for usage data and to determine if they are offline. their support and MIB seams to indicate Access point information is available. We haven't had luck manually trying to create any datasources. tried to attached MIB but forms only want images. 7 day link for the MIB
  3. yes; we have the same issue
  4. Please add Custom Variable ##EXTERNALTICKETID## the rpc/getALerts api data. thanks
  5. glad to hear this as well. we really need this merge ability as well
  6. hanks did you have a logic module exchange id ?
  7. API compatibility to be a data-source for brightgauge would be very helpfull for client reporting.
  8. Neat. An example of something you dont really need to poll hourly; ability to poll less often would be nice for extra WMI data. Certainly gives me some ideas.
  9. thanks ; it seams its not yet available " 503 : This LogicModule is currently undergoing security review. It will be available for import only after our engineers have validated the scripted elements. "
  10. the data-source importer changed Datasource ESX Guest Logical Volume updated. Update applies to from system.virtualization =~ "VMware" to system.virtualization == "VMWare ESX host"; which removed the logical volume collection from vcenters and put it on ESX hosts. I changed this back for our monitoring. whas the repository change a mistake maybe? the reason i want it on vcenter is its persistant. no matter where the vm moves. with it on the ESX host. vms move around host to host. its just a soar item that always wants to import from the repository. with more planning i would filter it not to be on the hosts, as its on both right now.
  11. that would be very usefull. Option to pull the 24hr Graph something.
  12. Yes this sounds like something that would be helpfull to us as well