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  1. I agree!! This would be a fantastic datasource to add to the collection of windows server datasources.
  2. We have multiple custom graphs in our dashboards which show things like ESX drive health and RAID health. When all of the possible values are either 0 or 1 it makes it very difficult to see (at a glance) which devices are having issues even with a top 10 graph. Since all of the device datapoints in an error state they all have a value of 1 and are overlayed on the chart. If one could filter the data in the chart so that it would only show for example datapoint values > 0 it would make it very simple as the only devices on the chart would be ones that are in an error state.
  3. I really have the need for a report that we can run that shows the following: Datasource: WinVolumeUsage- Datapoint: Capacity and FreeSpace Only current functionality for this are those hosts in the alert state but I need to see a report of all.