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  1. Yes, DataSource. I was already headed down that path, but wasn't up to speed on discovery filtering. Happy that I added another trick to my toolbox.
  2. I got a chance to circle back and implement the custom DataPoint and It was easier than I thought it would be. Thank you both for the answers.
  3. First, this customer is not trainable 😉 Stuart likes the 2nd to last idea posed by Mike, and coincidentally I headed down that road before I posted, but couldn't figure out how to filter the datasource for the <=8Gb. Can someone point me in the right direction? I like the dashboard approach also, but it would likely get messy - there's as many as 120 active servers that could trigger the threshold.
  4. They get alerts at 3.5Gb already. The customer wants one daily report that shows all systems that are close to running out of space so that they can tend to them all at once, rather than reacting to alerts in interrupt mode.. But thanks for your idea.
  5. Hello, A customer has asked for a daily report showing any of his Windows systems where the F: drive has < = 8GB of space. I'm not sure how to do this - can anyone provide an example? Thank you in advance!
  6. We are using Website monitors to ping a remote printer 13 time zones away. By design, the printer is unreachable between 18:00 Friday and 06:00 Monday. How can I set up an SDT to suppress alerting during that time period, OR, do I need to set up multiple (overlapping) SDTs to cover the time period? Or is there another way...