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  1. We have a multi-tenant MSP environment, We find that we cannot use the same display name for our clients even though the similarly named systems are in different Child folders. So \'DC01\' for Domain Controller has to be unique across all of our clients. Please consider changing this.
  2. I know that this is a monitoring tool and not management, however - When LoMo detects a stopped or failed Windows service it would be good if it attempted to restart. Our other monitoring tool does this.
  3. Recurring SDT spanning multiple days

    We are using Website monitors to ping a remote printer 13 time zones away. By design, the printer is unreachable between 18:00 Friday and 06:00 Monday. How can I set up an SDT to suppress alerting during that time period, OR, do I need to set up multiple (overlapping) SDTs to cover the time period? Or is there another way...
  4. Timezone per user account

    What is the status on this critical feature request? We have started to deploy in Azure all over the world and calculating time differences is way past becoming critical. We expended too many man-hours chasing nothing because the SDT on our CET server was off by an hour because of the 1 week difference in Autumn time changes between EU and US.
  5. Netflow Graphs

    I second this - customer wants to see total inflow and outflow. Top 10 or 25 doesn't work if there are a hundred long-tail uses.
  6. We would like the ability to easily schedule people's time off in advance or on-demand, with an alternate user to be alerted if necessary. Use Case #1 - John takes a vacation. In order to suppress alerts going to John the way things work now, we need to suspend his user account. John returns from vacation, we have to remember to re-active his account, which we've forgotten on occasion. This might work similar to a Device SDT. Use case #2 - Mary works Monday - Thursday, 10 hours per day. Dave works Thursday - Sunday, 8 hours per day. Neither person needs to receive alerts on their time off. Use case #3 - Bill is out sick. All of Bill's alerts should go instead to Larry until Bill returns to work. Thank you for considering this. Bruce Berger Ostari, Inc
  7. Filter on 'not' on Alerts tab

    We would find it useful to be able to omit certain datasources from alert tabs. In our use case, we use a Volume Usage warning at 80% in order to generate a report that our customer requested. However it is safe for us to ignore those warnings when looking at the alerts for that customer, as there are lots of them and they tend to obfuscate the real alerts. Being able to have a datasource filter of "!Volume Usage-" (NOT Volume Usage) would be a great help. This NOT filter might also be useful in other data columns.
  8. Filter on 'not' on Alerts tab

    Hello Annie - yes it did work - thank you!
  9. This will provide better readability in a browser. Optimally, the header would freeze on the page and you could scroll around to see the data.
  10. Custom Reports - need help

    I am trying out the new custom reporting feature introduced in April but I have yet to produce a working report. Has anyone been able to produce a meaningful report and if so, are you willing to share a template? What I'm trying to do is produce a tabular report showing each volume for every device for a Group of Windows Servers. Rows should be Device/Volume, Columns should be Instance, Capacity, FreeSpace. Thanks!
  11. browser scripting - logoff

    One of our customers requests a Service Monitor that logs in, records a success or fail, and if success, then logs out by 'pressing' a button in the browser session that the Service Monitor has just logged in to. One issue I foresee is that every browser session is issued a unique ID, and the unique ID must be used in the log out command. Is this possible?
  12. Auto select correct collector(s)

    I agree with the original poster. There are other issues with exposing collectors that contain names of our other MSP customers. If the Collector or Collectors is associated with a group, then only those Collectors should be visible when adding Devices to that Group.
  13. Auto select correct collector(s)

    I agree with the original poster. There are other issues with exposing collectors that contain names of our other MSP customers. If the Collector or Collectors is associated with a group, then only those Collectors should be visible when adding Devices to that Group.
  14. Recently we had a couple of power outages in a data center and turned off alerts until everything got back to normal. Now we want to switch alerts back on and find it would be helpful to have an alert preview so we know what items remain and so we don\'t unknowingly send out a blast of alerts to our customer and support staff.
  15. Show possible alerts when alerting is turned off

    OK to close this
  16. Asset Tracking

    I agree also. We had this feature in the product we migrated from. To take the idea a step further, tracking a datapoint like warranty end date would facilitate alerting on this, say 90/60/30 days in advance.
  17. Graph in Alert Email

    I agree that having a link to the data behind the alert is useful so I vote yes.
  18. Templates for Collectors

    As an MSP I can also see the value of this. In fact there are a few other areas where a default template would come in handy.
  19. Dependencies or Parent/Child Relationships

    I vote yes also
  20. blacklist for scanning

    I agree! Some of our customers have no specific IP ranges for types of devices. It'd be great to be able to click on a discovered device and permanently blacklist/exclude it.
  21. Show possible alerts when alerting is turned off

    Steve, thanks for the clarification. Indeed, SDT was the proper action in this instance.
  22. Better formatted CSV reports

    Please consider removing blank columns from CSV reports. They do not open or look good in Excel. The blank columns are caused by the header and footer information being placed into their own columns.
  23. We should be able to select the fields (columns) we want to see in reports. Given the vast amount of information collected there should be more fields available to include in reports, and we should be able to remove fields that have no relevance, or that we do not wish our clients to see.
  24. Grouping Hosts/Collectors/Services for SDT

    Agreed. SDT on systems needs to be grouped with service and collectors also.
  25. Multi-tenancy - MSPs - A New Approach

    I also agree with this...