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  1. Here's the antipattern we use at work: Someone goes into logicmonitor and finds a graph that shows something interesting. They then take a *screenshot* of the webpage, crop the interesting part out, and share it in hipchat. The problem is that while the data is interesting, the moment they went out of band to share the graph, they broke the context for everyone they're sharing it with. Others may not know how to navigate to the same graph, creating a clear disconnect in process. What would be nice is two things: - I find something interesting in logic monitor I want to share. I copy the url and paste it into hipchat and others see exactly what I see. - When I paste the url into hipchat, it displays the graph, too. The first is expected behavior. The second may be more difficult, but I'm afraid without the second, folks will fall back to screenshots so that people can see the graph inline in hipchat.