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  1. We have deployed a collector in one of our AWS VPCs and added those instances via the AWS integration. Since the latest version of the beta has a "Cloud Collector" processing the data from the AWS API, we have to add these instances again as separate devices to get the traditional datasources. It would be great to either to give us the ability to shift the AWS API collecting back to one of our collectors OR allow the "system" to know that these are the same device and to group the datasources together under one device. Getting to correlate the AWS API data with traditional datasources would
  2. We're a MSP and have unfortunately very varied client alert notification and internal alert triage actions based on client needs. These are often two separate notification actions. We are finding ourselves having to define device groups and corresponding alert rules for each internal triage action for each client. It would greatly decrease the number of groups and alert rules we have to manage, if alerts could trigger multiple applicable rules. If this was allowed, we only need one set of "global" device groups for our internal triage actions and each client still gets their alert notificati