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  1. Hey LM Community! With newer versions of Windows Server and relying on the [operating] system to manage page files, we have run into a challenge in alerting on virtual memory usage as there is periodic growth and shrinkage, along with random gigantic spikes that are gone moments later. Was wondering if anyone had found a way to configure LM to alert when virtual memory usage is "problematic/needs administrative attention" vs just par for the course Windows Server operation. I think what we really want to be able to monitor this data for is upward sloping trends in virtual memory usage ove
  2. The ability to drag and drop items in the device tree in order to reorganize them is a powerful feature, but the staggered manner in which the tree loads and expands on page load "encourages" a user to accidentally move folders and devices around in the tree, which leads to numerous detrimental effects (not the least is having to try and figure out where you accidentally moved them to). Request is to either introduce a safeguard prompt "Are you sure you wish to move X from Y to Z?" for all drag and drop actions within the device tree, or, alternately, introduce a configuration item on folders
  3. Hey Steve, Thanks for this information. Is there any risk in deleting the history files or tuning the .maxfiles down to 2 or even 1 as long as data is being shipped up to the LM datacenter reliably? Thanks again! Nick
  4. Hey all, Just curious what is considered within the realm of healthy/normal for the "C:\Program Files (x86)\LogicMonitor\Agent\logs" folder on a collector machine? Have seen this folder fluctuate from ~500MB to over 1.5GB in size for some collectors. Not entirely sure what causes the fluctuations or at what point something should be considered wrong? Anyone have any notes/recommendations/best practices around this? Thanks, all! Nick